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Premium DNA Toys Cyber Monday- Mars Attacks Preorder

Premium DNA Toys Cyber Monday- Mars Attacks Preorder

By Nolan P Smith


Premium DNA Toys, the same company that brought you Madballs and Battletoads, has an amazing Cyber Monday with a discount on their brand new Mars Attacks line!

Ack ack ack! Premium DNA is thrilled to announce the arrival of our comprehensive line of action figures and accessories celebrating the artwork of Mars Attacks!

Wave 1 invades your collection with four 1/12 scale action figures and diorama sets, each meticulously sculpted and beautifully painted for bringing the chaos of the trading cards to life on your shelf!

Mars attacks Wave 1 ships Q2 2024. Premium DNA pre-order customers will receive shipment with early release before they hit store shelves!

Save 20% by preordering on Cyber Monday! You can preorder just the figures, or the figures and a special diorama piece! From human soldiers to the Martians themselves, these look absolutely amazing!!

Preorder today at the link below and save 20% thanks to Cyber Monday!

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