Prime Cuts: Planetoid #1


Writer: Ken Garing

Artist: Ken Garing

Publisher: Image Comics


Science fiction stories are a dime a dozen these days; that’s no surprise. Space faring adventures, charismatic smugglers and bounty hunters, ray guns; we see it in every form of entertainment, from books to movies to video games and more. Image Comics has a great track record when it comes to sci-fi this year, with new titles like Saga stealing the spotlight. So does Planetoid rise to new heights, or is it the same old space song and dance?

Story & Art: Planetoid is the story of Silas, a tough space pirate who gets stranded on a strange, junk planet. Now, after hearing this, you might be thinking: eh, what’s new? Everything. The look and feel of this story is something all new, all original, that it stands out as something fresh, which is hard to do this day and age.

Ken Garing provides the written word and art for Planetoid, and wow, does he deliver. The artwork is dark, grim, and fitting for an unknown, desolate planet. The isolation of it all, the surprise that comes in other “life” forms, it’s executed so well, that by the end of it all, you were wishing that there was to this titanic first issue.

Overall: After reading this issue, I was blown away. I am not going to lie, at first, I thought I had come across another run of the mill sci-fi comic, and I was dead wrong. Planetoid #1 is the start to something special, so I advise jumping on board right now and enjoying the ride. Highly Recommended, Planetoid #1 is a Pastrami Prime Cut, Ranking in at 5 Thumbs Up.

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