Pro Wrestler Pedro Aguayo Dies During Match in Tijuana

Photo from Lucha Undergroud’s Facebook page:

By Nolan P. Smith

Friday night, Mexican professional wrestler Pedro Aguayo, known as “El Hijo del Perro Aguayo”, died during a four way match in Tijuana. The match included former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Jr and former TNA star Manik. Check out the tragic video below. Aguayo was only 35 years old.


Pedro Aguayo, known as “El Hijo del Perro Aguayo”, was in a match last night against Rey Mysterio Jr, and as the video shows, Rey set up Aguayo and Manik for his signature move, the “619”. But Rey didn’t hit Aguayo as he went for the move; rather he went directly over his head. Many news outlets have speculated that Mysterio, real name Oscar Gutierrez, was to blame for this tragedy. But reports coming in from Tijuana have stated that the cause of death was caused by cervical spine trauma caused by whiplash from the ropes (check out for these reports). As you can see in the video, his fellow competitors kept the match going as best they could, and Lucha Underground manager Konnan was seen trying to help Aguayo and figure out what happened.

Southern California based professional wrestler Blake Grayson weighed in on Aguayo’s shocking death. “In professional wrestling you take all the risks in the world, every guy that truly loves this business knows what I’m talking about,” said Grayson in an online correspondence with Pastrami Nation. “What happened in that match with Rey Mysterio was a freak accident and my heart goes out to Aguayo’s family. As far as Rey killing him, that’s wrong, we don’t know what happened. I think his heart gave out, and unlike TMZ, I’m not gonna give you a better title so people can read it.”

Pastrami Nation would like to send out our deepest sympathies to Aguayo’s family and friends. We would also like to send our sympathies to all the professional wrestlers, staff, friends and fans that witnessed this horrific tragedy. Once we learn more, we will post it right here.

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