Prop Making On A Whole New Level… Meet GoldPointProps!

Prop Making On A Whole New Level… Meet GoldPointProps!

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By: MrAndMrsSmith

Like many people I found myself on youtube clicking one video that led to another that led to another and so on and so on. Then I found what I consider to be pure gold…..GoldPointProps! When Robert Hogan gets in his shop with his tools and sheet metal what happens next is something so awesome I had to share it with you all.

I had to contact him immediately and ask him how he began to create these works of art and this is what he had to say “I started working with sheet metal 15 years ago when i was 17.i got a job at a fabrication shop that builds custom cars and specializes in metal work I’ve been working there ever since. I kind of stumbled into prop making. About 3 years ago me and my brothers started making short films on our YouTube channel. I was making the movie props for films and we got a few questions asking about our props. For one of the films we needed a knights helmet and we decided to film a making of video of the knights helmet. That video soon became our best performing video. We started getting requests from people wanting to see more making of videos. so we made a couple more a sawed off double barreled shotgun and a 1903 Springfield bolt action rifle. Then we started having people contacting us wanting us to make helmets and props for them. we realized other people enjoyed what we did and we started our goldpointprops YouTube channel.”

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Robert does fantastic work as you can see. Please hit his youtube channel GoldPointProps or find him on facebook at . Keep up the excellent work!

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