Real Rap Song of the Day: "Red to Black" by Fort Minor featuring Kenna, Jonah Matranga and Styles of Beyond


“My pops wanna get away from the pain…In a better place in his brain… But the medication he takes makes him wasted… So sick he was gonna think the good lord would come take him… I’m shaking him…Wake up you son of a bitch…”

When Linkin Park arrived on the music scene, they blended hip hop and rock perfectly, which is why they reached such heights. Producer/Rapper Mike Shinoda took it a step further with his offshoot group, Fort Minor. Fort Minor’s The Rising Tied focused on the hip hop side of Shinoda’s life, boasting appearances by Common, The Roots, Celph Titled and Styles of Beyond among others. With so many standouts on the album, I chose one that stole the show in my opinion. “Red to Black” is a thumping, pulsating, head nodding track with some very deep lyrics, like the quote up above. If you never heard of Fort Minor, check them out below.


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