Renato Jones: The One % Season 1 Review: Choke on Success

Renato Jones: The One % Season 1 Review: Choke on Success

Renato JonesRenato Jones brings the violence, social relevance and a heck of a ride

By Nolan P. Smith

When Kaare Kyle Andrews first released his new creator owned series Renato Jones, I sought after that first issue like crazy. The book is like the Punisher meets Batman in the very real world we face in 2017. This volume collects Season 1, which leaves a trail of destruction, violence and retribution. Heads up, though, this is a mature readers book due to the violence and content, so keep this one away from the kids.

Wait, you don’t know who Kaare Kyle Andrews is? From Iron Fist: The Living Weapon to the visually inspiring Spider-Man: Reign, Andrews has a style all his own, and with Renato Jones, he cuts loose. Our anti-hero here is the namesake of the book, Renato Jones. Wealthy, privileged, but with a rocky, horrifying past, Jones has made it his mission to eliminate the One Percent- those with so much wealth, it has lead to corruption, misery and death to anyone around them they see as “not even human” due to their social ranking. So during the day, he is Renato, but at night, he dons a mask and becomes The Freelancer, a name whispered in myth by the rich which haunts their nightmares.

With this collection, we see Jones take on some major dirt bags, many with ties to real life counterparts. From a rich, tippy top of the power food chain mogul who eliminates thousands of jobs on a whim to technological leaders and more, Jones has his sights set on changing the world, one percent at a time. Andrews has created a book that feels so cinematic, so high octane, that by the time you reach the last page, you are left with one hell of a cliffhanger that will have to wait for season 2 to be answered. With this collection, we also get a good look behind the scenes, from sketches and thumbnails to character designs and more. It’s like the special features section of a Blu-ray, but in comic book form.

Renato Jones just might be the most socially relevant book to hit this year. In a year of change, 2017 looks to be the most controversial year in a long time. Coincidentally, Renato Jones was easily one of the most controversial series to hit in 2016, and is now bound to be one of the most talked about collections this year. Andrews brings the action, brings the backstory, but most importantly, brings the pain. The bar has been set for graphic novels in 2017, and Renato Jones sits atop the list thus far.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

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