Rifftrax Sharknado Review


Review by Nolan P. Smith

(Apple Valley)— In 2013, the world was brought the B-movie sensation, Sharknado. Full of bad acting, little to no plot and literally unbelievable action scenes, it was an instant hit, as it was billed to be “so bad” that you just had to watch it. Well, now the film has gotten better now that it has received the Rifftrax treatment.

What’s Rifftrax? They provide hilarious commentary that goes along with some of your favorite movies. Written and performed by the men behind Mystery Science Theater 3000, Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, the team brings their unique brand of humor to one of pop culture’s latest hits with Sharknado.

If you aren’t familiar with the film: that’s okay, as you get the entire film with this Rifftrax version, with commentary voiced live over the film. Imagine watching a film with a group of actually funny friends: this is what you get. The film centers around a storm in the pacific that kicks up, well, sharknados, as in tornadoes full of sharks. The story focuses on restraint owner and apparent middle-aged surfer Fin (Ian Ziering), his Tasmanian sidekick (Jaason Simmons), a waitress with shark related history (Cassandra Scerbo), and Fin’s ex-wife (Tara Reid). Now if that sounds bad, then you are right. But Rifftrax makes it more enjoyable than before.

The trio gives some perfectly timed lines and emphasis on the already pre-existing horrible dialogue. The entire theater was laughing at the spectacle as the guys do what they do best: make people laugh. I recommend this to those looking for a funny time at the theater, you will not be disappointed. This was my first Rifftrax film, and I am very much looking forward to August’s releases of Godzilla and Anaconda.

The Rifftrax version of Sharknado will replay again on Tuesday, July 15th. Tickets are available now at participating theater box offices and online at

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