SDCC 2012: WWE Superstars Invade Comic-Con!


Today was the first of 3 WWE Superstar autograph signings to be held at this years convention.Today wrestling fans attending the con were graced with the presence of WWE champs from both Raw and Smackdown; Sheamus and CM Punk,oh,and Zack Ryder too.

Fans lucky enough to score a ticket when the exhibit hall doors opened were the only ones allowed for this signing.Or so it would seem.Thanks to hair-brain tactics courtesy of the Elite blue shirt volunteer security,another line was formed for non-ticket holders which caused them to hurry the line quickly to get everyone in within the one hour signing window thus allowing no pictures to be taken with the wrestlers. Thats when Sheamus ,the most fan oriented of the 3 ,stepped in and told a blue shirt that was hurrying along a 7 year old,”Hold up fella”and made him bring the kid back to take a pic with the Celtic Warrior. A true showman,Sheamus was easily one of he nicest, classiest wrestlers you could meet. All in all a semi great experience,with Sheamus being the highlight, Punk in second with his fist pumps instead of handshakes approach,and the Mattel lady that gave me a free Rock rumbler on the way out being third for doing so. What about Ryder you say? Well one would think that the Internet Champion would try to do a better job of hiding his “I couldn’t give a shit less about you “demeanor to his fans who stood in line for a ticket just to get in another line to meet him.


So the question on everyone’s mind.Is Zack Ryder an asshead?

Woo Woo Woo,You know it!


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