Comic Book to TV: The Walking Dead Negan Debut

Comic Book to TV: The Walking Dead Negan Debut

Negan Comp32Negan Debut is Frightening Similar to Comic Book Counterpart

By Nolan P. Smith

When Negan made his debut on the hit AMC show The Walking Dead, he did so with impact. Jeffery Dean Morgan brought the most infamous villain from the The Walking Dead comics to the small screen, and left the internet buzzing. But how true to the comics was his first appearance?

Spot on.

Skybound’s The Walking Dead website has posted up side by side comparisons of Negan’s debut: showing just how dead on the show got it. Sure, f-bombs are missing here and there, but it has already been reported that an unedited season finale will be included on the DVD/Blu Ray release.

Head on over to check out all of the comparison shots HERE, and see just how right they got it. While you are at it, if you aren’t reading the comic book counterpart of The Walking Dead, you now have plenty of time to do so before the new season begins, and we find out who met Lucille for their first and last time.