Snowpiercer Review: Let it Snow, Let it Snow… Let it…Snow…


By Nolan P. Smith

(Victorville)— The worlds of comic book and graphic novels can bring us stories you never imagined would appear in the medium. A History of Violence, Noah; there are many comics that went on to become films, as fans had no clue where the film’s origins lies. Snowpiercer is such a film.

Originally a French comic book created 30 years ago by writer Jacques Lob and artist Jean-Marc Rochette, the comic recently came to the states courtesy of Titan Comics, and now has a film that is at limited theaters as well as on demand on DirecTV. The film is about a future where the world is thrust into a second ice age that wipes out most of the planet, save for a train that never stops: the Snowpiercer. Aboard this train is a whole society of people: from the prisoners, the lower class, the upper class, and the founder, the leader of this train, Wilford (Ed Harris).

Curtis (Chris Evans) is one of the lower class on the opposite side of the train from the privileged, and is the one that leads a revolution to overthrow the powers that be. Joined by a wild cast of characters, from an out of control martial artists, a man who knows every in and out of the train, and a young girl with a special power. This motley crew, among others, fight to reach the engine room in hopes of a better future.

Directed and written by Joon-ho Bong, the film is a violent, gripping romp of a new take on the end of the world. With a self contained environment, the train serves as the entire world, and with it comes some stark and disturbing imagery. You can’t help but cheer for Curtis as the fights with fists and axes against a seemingly endless supply of heavily armed men and upper class snobs that will boil your blood. Of course, how and why this train exists is a mystery, as is the hero Curtis’s background, so by the end of the film, the audience gets a satisfying end to an extremely unorthodox and incredible film.

I give Snowpiercer a solid 8 out of 10, and I plan to check out the two graphic novels as well so I can revisit this winter non-wonderland.

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