Something Badass and Different for Mother’s Day

Something Badass and Different for Mother’s Day

By Eddie Aguirre

This year, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to get my wife, Jessica, for Mother’s Day. The typical gifts came to mind; candles, small appliances, books, or clothing. They were all just the same and not very exciting. I remembered past discussions we had about having an artist do a commission of her. Through the years, there were several that came to mind. Being that she likes comic books, she always liked specific artists that would capture her personality along with her spirit and beauty. There was this one Facebook page that has always intrigued her. Many years ago, she wanted a tattoo of one of the artist’s pieces. She said, “One day, I’d like to get something done from her.” For the past ten years, she followed her on both Facebook and Instagram. The artist is Miss Cherry Martini; her page can be found here: 

Miss Cherry Martini has some fun and alternative commission pieces as well as artwork that captures a unique audience. The artist is based in Australia and is a Lowbrow artist, creative writer, and illustrator. Her work is creative, young spirited, and cheeky. Her craft is a blend of dark and unusual, but definitely alternative. For the past 13 years, she has worked on many projects, such as alternative clothing labels, designing toys, creating unique tattoos, and working with magazines. 

I knew Jessica’s admiration for Miss Cherry Martini’s work. So, I reached out to her to get a quote on a commission for Mother’s Day. I thought this would be a great Badass Gift and something different than the norm. But, what I was offered was far greater than what I expected. After sending Miss Cherry Martini some pics of Jessica and discussing different prices, she offered a spot on her website for Jessica to be one of her Badass Mama Gang girls. Her pic and artwork would be displayed on the website and will have some really cool merchandise to display the artwork. I was all in. Miss Cherry Martini allowed me to see the work in progress and even asked for my opinions along the way. Seeing the work from start to finish was an awesome experience for this Mother’s Day project. I am thrilled with the work that has been done. But more importantly, Jessica’s expression with the outcome was beyond excitement. We both love the work and the kind and patience that Miss Cherry Martini has shown us. She is an exceptional artist, and it was a pleasure doing business with her.

Here is the website that displays Jessica as one of the members of the Badass Mama Gang:

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