SPAWN Creator Todd McFarlane Joins Whatnot and Invites Comic Fans to Own a Piece of San Diego Comic-Con History

SPAWN Creator Todd McFarlane Joins Whatnot and Invites Comic Fans to Own a Piece of San Diego Comic-Con History

By Staff Reports

Whatnot, the largest livestream shopping platform in the U.S., is partnering with comics icon Todd McFarlane to host a first-of-its-kind livestream shopping event where actual pieces of Todd McFarlane’s San Diego Comic-Con booth will be offered for auction.

Announced at San Diego Comic-Con International 2023 (SDCC), Todd debuted his Whatnot channel live on Friday, giving away signed items to fans during an exclusive interview about his career and announcing his upcoming “Buy the Booth” auction. In August, fans can tune in to McFarlane’s channel on Whatnot where pieces of the Image Comics booth will be auctioned off, giving viewers the opportunity to own a piece of collectible history.

Designed to be dismantled into ownable pieces, the booth features visuals of different versions of Spawn, including the legendary Gunslinger Spawn, the captivating Medieval Spawn, and the celestial Angel Spawn – each one personally signed by McFarlane.

“As a creator who likes to try new things and experiment from time to time, teaming up with the Whatnot crew to help us interact and auction a few items at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) seemed like a perfect time to have some potential fun,” said Todd McFarlane, President and CEO of Image Comics. “Aside from selling pieces of the artwork, with my signature included, from our actual booth set-up at SDCC, I will also get a chance to talk to and listen to a new group of fans. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of this turns out and possibly doing some even cooler stuff moving forward with Whatnot.”

Known for his remarkable contributions to The Amazing Spider-Man and as a co-founder of Image Comics, McFarlane’s crowning achievement is the creation of Spawn, an incredibly popular comic series that has garnered global acclaim. Spawn has transcended the page to become an award-winning animated series on HBO and a successful live-action film. Notably, it holds the Guinness World Record for the “longest-running creator-owned superhero comic book series,” securing its place in history.

Throughout his impressive 30-year career, McFarlane has broken numerous industry records, with recent achievements including the launch of acclaimed titles like Scorched, King Spawn, Gunslinger, and Spawn’s Universe. In addition to his contributions at Image Comics, McFarlane also leads McFarlane Toys, a renowned toy manufacturer in the United States. His influence extends to Todd McFarlane Productions and McFarlane Films, demonstrating his prowess across multiple creative avenues.

“The Spawn universe is one of the most expansive and admired pieces of entertainment so we’re proud to bring this unique opportunity to the Whatnot community during one of the biggest events of the year. This booth auction is what collectible culture is all about – owning a piece of a treasured, one-of-a-kind creation – and we can’t wait to see people from different corners of the world come together to experience this,” said Chansler Poole, Head of Collectibles and Comics at Whatnot.

Whatnot has a growing comic book and collectible community on the platform. Notable creators such as Deadpool creator & Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld, DC President Jim Lee, Image co-founder Marc Silvestri, Teenage Mutant Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, and Skottie Young livestream on the platform to auction off select work from their portfolio and engage with their fans.

Download the Whatnot app on Android or iOS and tune in to celebrate the extraordinary world of Todd McFarlane and gain access to signed collectibles not found anywhere else:

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