Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation – Stan Lee's ComiKaze Expo 2014


By Staff Reports

IT’S BACK!  Spike & Mike’s Festival of Animation returns for a ONE NIGHT ONLY special event.  Featuring 3 BRAND NEW, Exciting, Hilarious & Award Winning screenings as part of Stan Lee’s ComiKaze at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Three entirely unique screenings at the ComiKaze event will feature presentations of the 2014 ‘Spike & Mike’s 30th Anniversary Celebration’ (11+ recommended), ‘Sick & Twisted Halloween Special’ (18+ Only), ‘Pop Culture Animation Festival’ (18+ Only).

Spike & Mike’s Halloween Animation festival welcomes ghouls and goblins to an animated adventure through everything Halloween.  Featured are the best, funniest and most horrifying and bloody short animations in the world featuring Zombies, Frankensteins, Mutan Slugs, Horrible nightmares and everything in between.  You won’t be dissapointed.

Spike & Mike’s Pop Culture Festival of Animation invites everyone to hold on to their seats, especially Sci Fi and Pop Culture fanatics!  This Animation Festival features more than 25 short animated films dedicated to your favorite genres!  Come see TV show spoofs, super heroes, worldwide viral videos, mock commercials and so much more.

The 30th Anniversary screening includes Spike & Mike’s best Award Winning Animations from across the world.  Represented are 13 Countries whose combined efforts have garnered Oscar Nominations, Sundance Awards, Cannes Awards, & nearly every other accolade one can name.  This will surely provide for a fun night!  Don’t Miss Out!

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