Star Trek The Next Generation Through the Mirror #1 Review: Attack of the Goatees!

Star Trek The Next Generation Through the Mirror #1 Review: Attack of the Goatees!

By Daniel Schwartz

Publisher: IDW
Writers: David and Scott Tipton
Artist: Marcus To

If you are a fan of the Star Trek multi-verse, IDW has you covered with great stories from the Prime, Kelvin, and Mirror universes. Through the Mirror is the latest venture into the multi-verse that sends the Next Generation crew on a collision course with their Mirror universe (aka evil) counterparts.

While reviewing the security for an important mining facility, Worf spots a familiar face that should not be there. When he follows this person to their destination, he makes a shocking discovery that will introduce fans to a terrifying plot by the Mirror universe crew.

This issue sets up the coming storyline really well. It keeps Worf front and center, but it also explains what the mining facility is and why the Mirror universe is so interested in it.

This looks like it is going to be a fun and exciting series for fans of The Next Generation. Usually having to deal with Cardassians or the Borg, the Enterprise crew may be ill-equipped to combat their own evil doppelgängers. We will have to wait for issue 2 to find out!

The art is spot-on as well. The characters are very recognizable from the TV series. There are also several exciting variant covers that show different aspects of this series, including Picard choking Picard!

Overall, this is a really good start to what is looking to be an exciting storyline. The Mirror Universe is a fascinating place to explore. It can be dark (the evil Terran Empire conquering the galaxy) and campy (evil characters have goatees and no sleeves) at the same time, which makes it really fun.

Rating: 9 out of 10. Star Trek, jumping through universes before it was cool (and every other show was doing it)!