Star Wars #1 Review: A New Beginning- A Long, Long Time Ago


Review By Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)—2015 aims to be a hallmark year for the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars Episode VII hits this December, Star Wars Battlefront returns to the gaming world this year, and this is the year that the franchise returned to Marvel Comics. How does the House of Ideas handle the return of one of the world’s greatest sci-fi franchises? Welcome to Star Wars #1.

The first in a new line of comic books coming out this year, Star Wars #1 is set right in the middle of the world Star Wars fans know and love. The story takes place right after the original Star Wars film ended: so the Death Star was destroyed, the Empire was delivered a massive blow, and the young Jedi Luke Skywalker rocked a snazzy yellow jacket like no other.

Writer Jason Aaron and artist John Cassaday are the creators given the keys to the kingdom, and they don’t disappoint. The story plays out and feels like a natural continuation of the original film. The characterization and dialogue is spot on, the art is stunning and filled with intergalactic high-octane action. We see the patchwork group of Luke, Han, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO as they continue to try to take down the Empire, brick by brick. This leads them to a confrontation with arguably the most recognizable villain in film history; Darth Vader.

I felt like I was back in the middle of the original trilogy, and that’s an awesome place to be. Marvel has some big shoes to fill with the franchise, as the previous publisher, Dark Horse, did an absolutely amazing job with the Star Wars library. This is an amazing start. I give Star Wars #1 a perfect @@@@@ out of FIVE. You’ll love this, I know.

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