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Star Wars Battlefront At Star Wars Celebration 2015!

Star Wars Battlefront At Star Wars Celebration 2015!



This week Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim California has delivered as promised! We got to take a sneak peek at the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront! All cameras had to be shut down as to protect the secrecy of the project (with the exception of the above picture).

The good people at EA let us watch 5 minutes of actual gameplay. I can tell you that it was absolutely amazing! From the graphics to the incredible sound, it is top notch. The gameplay involved a battle on Endor involving storm troopers, AT-ST, AT-AT, Y Wing bombers, speeder bikes and of course the rebel alliance. There was also a bit of Vader and Boba Fett that we were told will be playable in the game.

One great aspect coming back to Battlefront is the ability to drive and pilot vehicles. We saw pilot able Tie Fighters, X Wings and even the Millennium Falcon!  Also you will be able to switch from first person to third person shooter while playing!


There is certainly more to come from EA in the coming months, especially with E3 right around the corner. Rest assured we will continue to have our ears to the ground! Also there is a game engine trailer that is fairly new, you can check out below:


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