More Sketch Covers from Pastrami Nation’s Jason T. Smith! Daryl Dixon! Iron Man!

Here’s Daryl and Tony! Pastrami Nation’s Co-Founder Jason T. Smith has done up a few more sketches on some blank sketch covers. Check out another sketch of The Walking Dead’s Daryl as well as one of Iron Man! Check them out, and if you like, check them out on eBay! Daryl: Iron Man:

SDCC 2012: What the Con is all about…Comics!

Now that’s worth another look… Check out some of the awesome sketches Pastrami Nation got from artist extraordinaire John Watkins-Chow! Chow is well known for his amazing sketch cards, from both Marvel and DC Comics cards, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and more! He is one of the coolest guys to meet at a con, and his sketches are crazy awesome! […]