Albert Einstein: Time Mason Volume 1 – Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars combine for an adventure through the ages

By Staff Reports He’s got the mind! He’s got the moves! He’s got the mustache! Join brilliant scientist and daring adventurer, Albert Einstein, as he fights alongside a secret interdimensional agency called the Time Masons to protect the integrity of our timeline. Set your watches for the release date this March of Action Lab Entertainment’s ALBERT EINSTEIN: TIME MASON VOLUME […]

Let’s Kickstart This! Albert Einstein-Time Mason

It’s time to traverse the span of time with one of the greatest minds in the world: Albert Einstein! By artist Tony Donley and writer Marcus Perry, this Kickstarter project plunges Einstein into a world more akin to Doctor Who than the Einstein’s real life, which is fine by me. As the Kickstarter page states, this Einstein is more like […]