The acclaimed BIXBY GRANT returns to Kickstarter for an extended adventure

The acclaimed BIXBY GRANT returns to Kickstarter for an extended adventure

By Staff Reports


Written by Komikwerks co-founder Patrick Coyle (PATRICK SUCKS AT DRAWING) with illustrations by Chilean artist Gonzalo Martínez (ROAD STORY), this 6-issue buddy-action detective series is the follow-up to the OGN, BIXBY GRANT, PRIVATE IN WOLF, SHE CRIED, which debuted on Kickstarter in October 2022, and fully funded in just 12 hours! 

Colors by Arthur Hesli (THUNDERBOLTS), edited by Heather Antos, covers by Liana Kangas (MARIKO BETWEEN WORLDS) and Gabriel Hardman (GREEN LANTERN).

Bixby Grant, an immortal living mummy and Harbor City’s greatest private detective, is doing his best to be left alone and forget his tragic past. But today is his birthday, a day that holds special significance for Bix – on this day in 1925, he discovered that his older brother Max was not only a member of the city’s largest crime family, but also an occultist intent on summoning a demon to Earth!

Bix stumbles across a string a of ritualistic murders by an unidentified cult, murders that have an all-too-coincidental parallel to what Bix’s brother was attempting to do one hundred years ago. The murders are targeting members of the Mayor’s reelection campaign, possibly a violent pushback against the Mayor’s proposal to rid Harbor City of its supernatural population.

Running afoul of the police, Bix reluctantly teams up with Diego, a young rockabilly vampire, to face sorcerers, witches, and a cadre of monsters known as the Council Macabre during their investigation. But Bix’s greatest foe is himself – he’s been repressing his true feelings about his brother for over one hundred years, and that is causing him to make careless mistakes. He needs to face those feelings so he can save Harbor City from being overrun by the demon Syd and his horde of hell spawn goblins!

“When I launched the first BIXBY campaign, fans kept telling me how much they loved the concept and in turn it made me curious as to how I could expand that world,” said Patrick Coyle. “After consulting Heather Antos, we decided it could be fun to write a longer story that really explores Harbor City and Bix’s tragic past more. Gonzalo Martinez is a fantastic visual storyteller, and he does what great artists do—transforms the script into something more amazing than I could have envisioned! Colorist Arthur Hesli really brings Gonzalo’s line art to vibrant life and gives the book a unique feel. And this time out, I’m really excited to be adding Gonzalo Ruggieri to the team, as the artist on the backup story, Zombietown. He is creating a moody, atmospheric vibe that I think readers are going to dig. I can’t wait to get this book into people’s hands!” 

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