The Beauty Vol. 2 Review: It’s Contagious

The Beauty Vol. 2 Review: It’s Contagious

the beauty vol02-1Image Comics Collects the Second Arc of Critically Acclaimed Series, The Beauty

By Daniel Schwartz

(Victor Valley)– If our society has made one thing clear, it is that looks are everything. From the way others treat us to how famous you can become, it is all based upon how attractive we are.

Enter The Beauty. This life-changing disease will turn the ugliest duckling into the most beautiful swan. Unfortunately for those that have it, there is also the subtle side effect of spontaneous human combustion. Deciding to go in a different direction from the first volume, the second volume leaves Agents Foster and Vaughn behind and introduces readers to two new primary characters.

The storytelling also switched gears, changing from a large conspiracy arc to a more down-to-Earth crime arc. The characters featured embrace the disease and use it to their advantage.

An overweight criminal named Timo uses it at camouflage to completely change his appearance and go on the run from the gang he betrayed. A trans woman named Ezerae then uses the disease to bring out who she really is inside.

With plenty of twists and turns, Jason Hurley and Jeremy Haun continue to build their fascinating world where looks can literally kill. With a rotating artistic pool that keeps with the tone of the series, and a great story, the second volume builds on the promise of the first with an interesting collection of issues 7-11.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10. Juan, Hurley, and Image hit another home run in this amazing collection.