The Empty #1 Review- A Whole New (Desolate) World


Review by Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)— The world is an empty, dying, decaying wasteland of dirt and heat- well, at least for the hunter Tanoor. But when a stranger appears and speaks about a land with water and greenery everywhere, the world gets that much larger in Image Comics/Shadowline’s The Empty #1.

The book is written and drawn by Jimmie Robinson, known for his Bomb Queen series as well as the critically acclaimed Five Weapons. The Empty is a drastically different book than Robinson’s previous work, which allows the artist to create a new world, new characters, and some crazy new creature. The world in The Empty is dying- the land being killed by roots that are poisoning the world. The young hunter Tanoor, who is part of a race that has rather long arms, knows just how hard the world is as she goes out for hunts time and time again with little to no results. It all changes we she finds Lila- a long necked outsider who claims to be from a world filled out water, trees and happiness. But how, and more importantly, where?

The book boasts some amazing designs, exquisite coloring, imaginative creatures, and a story that has me wanting to learn more about The Empty. With a touch, Lila was able to revive a dead tree to a lush state- how is that possible? What is the relation between Lila and Tanoor’s homes, if any? Robinson once again creates something new, fresh, original and intriguing- making The Empty a title to watch. I give The Empty #1 a @@@@ out of FIVE. The desert apocalypse never looked so good.

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