The World Collapses in December's BlackAcre from Image Comics


This is how we exist when the world goes to…you know.

BlackAcre, a new series from Image Comics, shows what happens with the world indeed implodes from a variety of factors, and how life changes drastically. The book is already garnering much respect from the comic creator community, which is huge for a new writer such as Duffy Bordreau. Here’s some of the official word from Image, and check out some preview pages below!

Born out of the extremes of economic inequality and the collapse of a civilization, the dystopian world of the Image Comics series BLACKACRE, starting in December, is one where the elite live in gleaming high-rises, while outside the walls of their city, others struggle for survival and freedom.

BlackAcre is a community built on privilege and power, topics of conversation in our political climate, but writer Duffy Boudreau explained that our concerns are only a starting point. “The story is definitely inspired by current events, but those are just foundation,” he said. “In the world of BlackAcre, our politics are a thing of the past. Most characters in this new world wouldn’t have the slightest idea about any of that.”

Blackacre #1

Story by: Duffy Boudreau
Art By: Wendell Cavalcanti
Cover By: Michael Avon Oeming
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: OCT120457



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