Tim Tebow to Sign with the New England Patriots

Tim Tebow to Sign with the New England Patriots

121811-NFL-Tom-Brady-Tim-Tebow-PI_2011121820320924_660_320Guess all that Tebowing paid off.

Today, via the Associated Press, it was announced that quarterback Tim Tebow will be signing with the New England Patriots, and will report to mini-camp on Tuesday.

For Tebow fans, this can be a good/bad situation: it’s good because Tebow wanted to stay in the NFL, and now he has the chance to learn from some of the best  with Brady and Belichick (I’m not a huge fan of them, but I recognize talent, and these two know football). It could be seen as bad as he went to the “dark side” with the Pats. For me, I think it’s a good thing: Tebow’s a good guy, he’s got speed, he just didn’t transfer over well from college to pro ball. I’m glad he gets another shot in the NFL, so here’s to the best for ya, Tebow.

For all the Tebow fans out there: it could be worse, he could be with the Raiders.

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