Valiant Sized Quantum and Woody #1 Review: THE Dynamic Duo of Comedy Heroics

giwhkvmxvncsczf2c8zxReview by Nolan P. Smith

Writers: Tim Siedell and James Asmus

Artist: Pere Perez

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

(Victor Valley)—Valiant Entertainment relaunched a few years back with a slew of hits: X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Archer and Armstrong- iconic characters from the past made modern, and made into bonafide hits. Then the publisher brought back the crazy, comedic super-team known as Quantum and Woody: something fans have been clamoring for. With this special “Valiant Sized” issue, we get a holiday issue packed with action and antics, Quantum and Woody style.

You might be wondering “who?” Quantum and Woody are stepbrothers, who after a freak accident were both given powers by wristbands permanently grafted to them. They have to clang their wristbands together every 24 hours or they become atomized. Pretty dreary sounding, right? Wrong, this book is anything but dreary. We see the duo helping out a disembodied Thomas Edison in saving the Earth from an Asteroid. Given that these two are no shining examples of heroes, you can imagine how that goes.

Also, we get to see various versions of the duo from glimpses into different dimensions: some are pretty cool, and some are pretty creepy. The stories are all told to the backdrop of the holiday season, as we see glimpses of the brothers from Christmas past, which falls in tone with the heroes we know and love today. The book feels like an amazing buddy flick, and to me, felt like a really good episode of the TV show Psych.

This is a great stand-alone issue to dive into, especially if you are new to the world of Quantum and Woody. Valiant’s return to comics is something the comic world should be thankful for, as now we get more comic goodness from the “World’s Worst Superheroes”. I give this issue a NINE out of 10. Go pick it up and enjoy.

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