Video Game Review: 35MM

Video Game Review: 35MM

By Nolan P. Smith 


I love indie games, so I was excited to dive into the world of 35MM from Sometimes You. Atmospheric, brooding, and mysterious, this little game will pull you in before you know it. 

So what is it about? 35MM is a post-apocalyptic slow burn adventure that takes you and your friend through a land torn apart by a pandemic. You learn more about what happened as the game progresses. You traverse a version of Russia that is haunting yet beautiful, devoid of humanity for the most part, but with wildlife at every turn. Your story is based upon your actions, as you pick up weapons and supplies on the way to nowhere. 

I will admit, this game was extremely frustrating at the beginning. You aren’t given any context to the game, no control instructions- just a gloomy view ahead and a message that keeps telling you that you went too far and to wait for your mate. In a world of fast-paced games with well-defined instructions, 35MM will leave you a bit jarred at first. 

The game’s speed picks up every now and then, like when a bear chases you into hiding, but this is a game of exploration, not run and gun. So this game will not be for everyone. I enjoyed more of this game than I didn’t, but it still wasn’t a game I would want to revisit anytime soon. 35MM is a beautiful sight to behold; the gameplay and story are just a bit out of focus. 

Rating: THREE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

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