Video Game Review: Maize

Video Game Review: Maize

By Konnor Macias

Contributing Junior Reviewer

Talking, sentient corn stalks and an angry, Russian, robotic stuffed teddy-bear as your sidekick: you will be as hooked as I was by the second chapter.

I’m talking about the Maize video game by Finish Line Games in Toronto.

The games story starts with miscommunication, as most problems do, am I right? Well, most problems don’t end up creating sentient corn either, though. This insane game is a labor of love, and it shows. The enjoyability (is that a word?) factor is through the roof here, as the gameplay, puzzles and humor are on point all the way to the end.

It has a certain appeal to it like no other game. It has puzzles that are intricate, but not too difficult so that it keeps your interest in playing the game. The filter on the game is quite unique and has an interesting, purplish glow in the corners of the screen. The characters are well designed and even equipped with comedic timing, and enthralling dialogue.

For me, not knowing anything about this title before reviewing it, this is an absolute must play. Maize will take you places, mainly a crazy, memorable ride.

Rating: 10 out 10.