Web Warriors #1- Spiders Everywhere

Web Warriors #1- Spiders Everywhere

detail-2Review by Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)– When Marvel launched their successful “Spider-Verse” storyline, we got to see various incarnations of the web slinger from different universes- including the Noir Spider-Man, a female Spider-Man who’s the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Spider-Man India, the spectacular Spider-Ham, the ultra popular Spider-Gwen and more. When that storyline ended, I know many of us wanted to continue to follow these spiders, and now with Web Warriors, we can.

Taking a group of spider people, led by the UK Spider-Man, the group bounces from universe to universe, fighting all incarnations of evil. But with so many spiders coming together, what about villains from alternate universes? That’s the focus when the villainous Electro gathers alternate versions of himself to wreck havoc. We also get a back up story featuring Lady Spider, the Victorian era spider-person, and we see how her story links to her web brethren.

Writer Mike Costa brings to life this colorful cast of heroes and villains, giving each their unique traits. Personally, I want to see more of what Noir Spider-Man and Spider-Man India have in store, as they are both polar opposites- one is more of a strong armed, fight first ask questions later, the other is the ultimate thinker, and a genius in his own right. I love the idea for this book- the opening scene with a visit to an animated universe complete with bad dialogue and threat-less villains was pure genius.

I love the set up, the concept of this book has me on board, and the writing by Costa and the beautiful artwork by Julian Totino Tedesco make this a must read. Not every book has to be ground breaking ; no, a good comic needs to be enjoyable, from cover to cover, and leave you wanting more. I want more of the Web Warriors.

Rating: 4 out of 5. What an entertaining web we weave.

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