Western Revenge Comic Rue Debuts Online in December for 99 Cents!


Now, that’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Check out the press release for Rue, a western one shot comic book that hits the digital presses this December for the amazing price of only 99 cents! From the sounds of it, it sounds like a can’t miss for that price. Be sure to pick it up online December 5th: remember, even though it’s only a buck, every cent you spend on a creative project supports those who labor for hours on end to make it for your reading pleasure.

SAN DIEGO, CA — On Wednesday, December 5th, creative collaborators SHANNON
MARCEL LOSADA, JAMES NINNESS, and JOE PEZZULA will be releasing their new
book, RUE.
RUE is a one-shot comic – no need to have read anything before or plan on anything after.
As a Western revenge tale, with subtle homage to Sergio Leone, and starring various
Mojave Desert dwelling animals as the cast of characters, RUE represents a labor of love
for the collaborators who grew up as fans of classic Western cinema.
RUE follows a mysterious figure who is targeting and killing everyone involved with the
death and destruction of a town called Rue years before. As law and outlaw alike begin
dying, the remaining men responsible for the destruction of the town must put the clues
together in an attempt to halt their own demise.
RUE will be available on Wednesday, December 5th, at jamesninness.com for only $0.99.

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