Wonder Women Making History at #Wonderconathome

Wonder Women Making History at #Wonderconathome

By Staff Reports

The Wonder Women Female CEO Owned and Operated Publisher comic panel will be occurring virtually March 26th at Wondercon. Six different female comic publishers are throwing back the curtain on their experience working in the comic industry being the CEOs of their own companies. From small press to big-name powerhouses, the panelists run the gamut of experiences and backgrounds as they write their own story within the direct market and beyond. This panel has previously occurred at New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic-Con with rave reviews and now it will get to be seen by a brand new audience.

Title: Wonder Women- Female CEOs who are owned and operated comic publishers
Description: One day a female comic publisher will be standard-until then, we have Wonder Women! All panelists are female-owned and operated comic publishers. From small press to powerhouses, these women lead by example. This panel is a candid look at their stories. Panelists include Sandy King Carpenter (, Wendy Chin-Tanner (,  Debbie Daughtee (, Tina Fine (, Enrica Jang (, and  C. Spike Trotman ( The moderator for the panel is Lys Fulda (
March 26th 
​Time: 2pm PST 

Fans can check out the panel by checking out and subscribe to the Wondercon YouTube channel.

Storm King Comics will be exhibiting virtual at #Wonderconathome and their booth can be found at

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