Wrestlemania 29 Live Results Including the Pre Show

Wrestlemania 29 Live Results Including the Pre Show


Want Wrestlemania results? Then you’re in the right place.

After the jump, check out live updates on the showcase of the immortals, Wrestlemania 29!


Intercontinental Championship Match

The Miz Vs. Wade Barrett (C)

The Miz comes out to average size pop, as Barrett comes out to plenty of heat. Back and forth match, as Barrett beats down the Miz, hitting his old finisher, Wasteland. Barrett misses the Bull Hammer elbow, and ends up in the figure four leg lock. Barrett reaches the ropes. The match comes to an end when The Miz turns a drop toe hold into a figure four leg lock once again, this time leaving no room for the bare knuckle brawler to run. Barrett taps as we come to an end of the pre-show match.

Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

Wrestlemania Begins!!!

Here we go, and here comes the first match

Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show Vs. The Shield

Sheamus, Orton and Show hit the ring, Sheamus sporting new trunks, green and black which has a DX feel to it. Here comes the Shield, through the massive Wrestlemania crowd. Rollins, Ambrose, Reigns, they are here, they are ready. Bell rings, lets go!

Sheamus and Reigns start it off, clubbing away at each other. Reigns is winning the slug off, but a huge elbow knocks the big Shield member down. Two count, Reigns is up. Double team by Orton and Sheamus as Orton is now the legal man. He’s stomping away at each part of Reigns, but now the tag is in to Rollins. Orton goes for the 10 punches in the corner, with a springboard suplex to punctuate it. Tag in to Sheamus, Rollins knocks the big man down, tag to Ambrose.  Big powerslam to Ambrose by Sheamus. Big Show tags himself in now. Big slap to Ambrose chests, that echoed. Now repeated slaps, damn! Ambrose takes out the big man with a drop kick to the knee. In comes Rollins, big knee! Two count on Big Show. Reigns is in, big flying fist to Show! Ambrose in, Big Show is isolated as the Shield double and triple teams the big man. Rollins in, Show still down. Another big kick to the head, Show is down for the two count. Reigns is in, Show is still cut off from his team. Show is to his feet, back suplex to Reigns. Show reaches for a tag, but Orton gets kicked off the apron by Rollins. Tag to Sheamus, cleaning house against Rollins. Sheamus goes for the 10 chops on Rollins and delivers. Now same to Ambrose, with a steamroller on Ambrose.  Sheamus up top, knocked off by Reigns. Rollins takes out everyone outside with a suicide dive.

All three shield in the ring, triple power bomb, stopped by a Big spear by the Big Show! WHOA! Ambrose and Sheamus in the ring, Sheamus reaches for Show, blind tag by Orton, now Orton DDT on Ambrose! Show is pissed! He comes the Viper…RKO to Rollins in mid air! Spear by Reigns on Orton! Ambrose gets the cover, 1,2,3, first Wrestlemania win for The Shield!!!

Winners: The Shield

Show KO’s Sheamus and Orton after the match, return of the bad show!

Video montage time for Cena and The Rock…Who’s winning this one?

Match two is here, and here is Mark Henry!

Mark Henry Vs. Ryback

Henry comes out, Ryback with new green ring attire, battle of the big men is next!

Face off in the middle of the ring, this is a big match. They rush each other, no one moves. They go again, and now they trade blows. Ryback gets the upper hand, clothelesline but Ryback is knocked down by the world’s strongest man. Now, a big running power slam by Henry. Ryback goes for a suplex, reversed by Henry and now Ryback is on the apron. Henry is now in control here, working over the human wrecking ball. Big bear hug by Henry, Ryback is in trouble. Big clothesline sends Ryback over the apron.

The count is on, up to 9, but Ryback is back. Here comes the second wind of Ryback, but back into the bear hug. It’s been all Henry for a minute now. Ryback tries to flip Henry over, but is met with a slam instead. Now, Ryback breaks out of the bear hug, backs Henry to the corner. Big clothesline in the corner to Henry. Meat hook clothesline is coming, and connects! Finish it!  Here it goes, Ryback has him up, but Henry grabs the ropes and falls on Ryback, damn!!!  That’s it, Henry wins as Ryback is out from Henry falling on him!

Winner: Mark Henry

Henry isn’t done yet, as he screams the trainers out of the ring. Big spinebuster to Henry, Ryback is going for Shell Shock, and he lands it!!! Looked easy for him. Win goes to Henry, but Ryback impresses.

WWE is announced to be a special partner with the Special Olympics. That’s pretty awesome. Here are members of the Special Olympics with Stephanie McMahon and the New Jersey Governor. Awesome, WWE, very good cause.

Out comes Ziggler and Big E with AJ. Big E has new attire.

Tag Team Title Match

Team Hell No (C) Vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston

This is Big E’s first official WWE match, and he has been impressive as he has manhandled Kane! Ziggler in and tries to take the credit, two count. Big E is back in, Kane hits a huge DDT. Ziggler in, and Kane is on fire! Kane with a pin attempt, two count. Kane goes up top, but misses completely! Pin attempt, broken up by Bryan. Zigger up top, gets the right hand from Kane! Langston breaks the count, and up goes Kane, but then out goes Langston as Bryan hits a knee to Langston outside. Kane gets hit with the Zig Zag! Two count! AJ on the apron, Ziggler tries to hit with the briefcase, misses and gets a chokeslam! Tag to Bryan, headbutt off the top rope and that’s it!

Winners and still champions: Team Hell No

The entrance is filled out beautiful women as Fandango hits the ring! Whoa, stunning women! Now, Y2J!

Fandango Vs. Chris Jericho

Bell rings, and we are off! Fandango dances in the ring…c’mon man. Jericho attacks him, hitting repeated chops. Johnny Curtis-I mean Fandango, heads outs of the ring. Fandango rushes back in, but gets beat down again. Suplex by Y2J onto the ropes, springs Dango way off! Crowd is firmly behind Y2J. Codebreaker! Dango slips out of the ring. Then, baseball slide to Dango! Top rope dive to Dango, this is all Jericho as he celebrates with the crowd. Back in the ring for a few, but Jericho dumps him back out. Jericho goes to springboard over the ropes, and Dango hits him with a mid air kick! Jericho is down. Cover, and a two count as Dango goes to work. Not impressed with Dango at all…nothing sets this man apart, especially against one of the greats. Jericho turns the tide, axe handle from the top rope to Dango! Lou Thesz press and Jericho is back on top. Big kick to Dango’s head, two count. Big cross body by Jericho, Dango sends Jericho shoulder first into the post, that’s his biggest move yet. Pretty sad. Dango up top for his leg drop, he nails it! But Jericho kicks out at two. Quick Hitman roll up by Y2J, two count. Now, Walls of Jericho, countered, and a crappy clothesline by Dango. Dango up top once again, knocked off by Jericho. Jericho has him on the top rope, Curtis battles out, goes again for the same move, misses! Lionsault, botched spot by Dango, tries the Walls, quick Hitman roll up and Dango wins a very unimpressive match! Send this guy to NXT, or TNA.

Winner: Fandango

Rock montage is up. Do you smell what he’s cooking?

Here is Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, whatever he is calling himself. Live performance with some Notorious BIG quips in the background. Bringing back some old school tracks, gotta love that. Skylar Grey joins Diddy for the Wrestlemania theme song, she is looking beautiful! Good performance, now we’re on to a Swagger/Zeb montage. We the people!!!

In ring we have Swagger and Zeb…Zeb all snazzy with a tie with his trademark vest. Snarky remarks, but Zeb is the man on the mic.

Heavyweight Title Match

Jack Swagger Vs. Alberto Del Rio (C)

Bell rings, and the two trade blows. Swagger goes outside, kick through the ropes by Del Rio. Del Rio up top, gets thrown down by Swagger, and sends Del Rio shoulder first into the ropes. Swagger is now in control, hits the swagger bomb, two count.Tries to wishbone Del Rio against the post, Del Rio reverses. But Swagger takes control again, until Del Rio connects with a kick in the corner. Tilt the world back breaker on the real American. Del Rio hits that crescent kick on Swagger for a two count. Del Rio goes for the arm breaker, Swagger reversed with a take down. Chop block to Del Rio’s knee, and now the Patriot Lock, but breakout by Del Rio. Del Rio hangs Swagger out to dry when he goes for the Swagger bomb again, and hits the back stabber for good measure. Two count. Big German suplex to Swagger. Del Rios goes for the arm breaker again, reversed into a power bomb, another two count. Patriot Lock on Del Rio! He’s trying to reach the ropes, cross arm breaker, but blocked by Swagger. He’s got it locked in! Swagger counters and back to the Patriot Lock! Del Rio reaches the ropes. Side slam by Swagger countered with a big kick to the head by Del Rio. Del Rio hits the big kick in the corner, two count thanks to Zeb putting Swagger’s foot on the ropes. Zeb hits Ricardo, Del Rio comes to his rescue outside, but is attacked from behind by Swagger. Swagger throws him back in the ring, and cross arm breaker to Swagger as Swagger taps! Del Rio retains his title!

Winner and Still Champion: Alberto Del Rio

National Guard video montage is up. WWE welcomes New Jersey National Guard soldiers. Much respect to our armed forces.

Living Color is performing Cult of Personality, guess that means it’s CM Punk time!

CM Punk Vs. The Undertaker

HUGE pop for CM Punk, who is sporting a new shirt. Here comes the dead man. Souls from below reach out as the phenom comes out. The living legend of the squared circle is here. Here we go, big slap to the Undertaker! Now, Punk works Taker over in the corner. Both men sporting new Wrestlemania gear, very cool. Big boot from Taker. Now, Punk is dumped outside the ring. Taker throws Punk over the barrier. Taker rams Punk back first into the steel post. Punk in now in the ring, head hanging outside the ring as Taker hits the guillotine leg drop. Taker works over Punk, working on the arm. Taker walks the ropes, but is stopped by Punk and thrown off. Punk stomps away, and now works on the arm of the deadman. CM Punk scales the ropes, mocking the legend and hits it perfectly. Neckbreaker to Taker, two count. Punk continues to work on the shoulder, swinging neakbreaker, another two count. Suplex by the deadman. Taker tries to gain momentum, big boot by Punk. Punk goes old school again, but gets dropped down. Taker tries to fly through the ropes, Heyman gets in the way and gets choked. Punk hits a clothesline before Heyman goes for a chokeslam. Punk up top with shades of the Macho Man, nails it with only a two count. Punk signals for the GTS, but gets a chokeslam instead! Two count. Taker is in control, snake eyes maneuver, Punk fires back with a kick, two count. Punk send Taker to the outside. Taker turns the tables and readies the last ride, but Punk counter with a kick, sending Taker to the announce table. Punk goes up top, hits the elbow on Taker and the table didn’t break! Oh man, that looked bad! Punk is back in the ring, Taker tries to get in, and beats the count.

Punk goes for the count, Hell’s Gate submission!!! Punk reverse to a roll up, two count. Punk has the Anaconda Vice! Undertaker sits up, classic taker, and brings Punk to his feet. Chokeslam countered, Punk hits the GTS, Taker bounces right back, Tombstone! Only a two count! Everyone is in shock!!! The two men trade blows while on their knees, this has been an amazing match! Back to their feet, still trading blows, the crowd is alive! Ref is knocked out, Punk hits a kick to Taker, and a running knee. Taker with the Last Ride, but Punk hits him with the urn, only a two count! Punk mocks Taker, goes for GTS, countered, goes again, Taker counters with a Tombstone and nails it!!!! Taker wins! Awesome match, best of the night so far!!!

Winner: The Undertaker

Undertaker takes the Urn as he celebrates his 21-0 match. Awe inspiring.

Here is the big match, and Shawn Michaels!

No Holds Barred Match

Triple H Vs. Brock Lesnar

Brock comes out, dude has been working out, he’s built. Triple H comes out…with some weird stuff all over him…don’t think he knew that stuff was black light visible, looked pretty crappy!

Bell rings, and were off. The two men trade blows, with Brock answering with some knees to the midsection, and now they are outside the ring. Triple H sends Brock to the barrier, and face first to the apron. He bounces the big man off the announce table, but Brock answers back and he sends Trips over the barrier. Brock tries to go after him, but Trips catches him with a clothesline and sends him back over. Both men get in the ring, Brock goes for a chair shot, but Trips uses a high knee to counter. Brock is knocked back outside. This should be a physical match right here. Trips smashes Lesnar into the steel steps, but Brock gets the upper hand nails a belly to belly suplex on the outside. Brock suplexes Trips into an announce table, breaking the table! Brock gets Trips back to his feet, and slams him right back down with another belly to belly. Lesnar drags Trips, and then rushes after Shawn Michaels. Both men are back in the ring. Lesnar sends Trips to the corner, countered, but Lesnar hits another belly to belly for a two count. Lesnar nails and belly to back, it has been all Lesnar here.

Triple H tries to mount a come back, but Lesnar is too much, and is once again knocked out of the ring. Lesnar goes after Michaels again, but Trips stops him with a clothesline. Trips sends Brock over the barrier, and now Trips hammers Lesnar with a steel chair. The crowd is pretty silent for such a big match, but it has been sluggish. Both men go into the ring, Brock hits a belly to back for a two count. Michaels gets on the apron, but gets decked by Lesnar. Trips hits a spinebuster as Lesnar turns back around. Lesnar goes for an F-5, but Michaels comes in and tries a Sweet Chin Music, but he gets an F-5 instead! Trips hits a Pedigree, two count. Trips goes for swing with the sledgehammer, but gets an F-5! Only a two count. Both men are once again outside as Brock sends Trips shoulder first to the steel steps. Brock has the steel steps in hands and nails Trips in the head! You could hear that one! Lesnar throws the steps in the ring and brings in the king of kings. Lesnar nails him with the steps again for a two count. Brock screams “RETIRE” in the face of Trips, and gets slapped for it. Now, Brock has Trips in the Kimora Lock, but Trips rams him into the corner to try and break the hold. No luck. Brock breaks it for a second, but now sits on the turnbuckles with the Kimora Lock in place. Trips lifts him up and sends him to the ground, finally breaking the hold. Trips hits a low blow to Brock, sending him to the ground. Trips sends Brock’s arm into the steel post, and then smashes it with a chair against the post. Triple H goes for the Kimora Lock now. Heyman tries to break it, but Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music. Brock powers out, and slams Trips into the steel steps, but Trips puts him back in lock, and gets slammed again into the steps!

Once again, Trips puts the Kimora on, third time. Brock goes to slam him again, but Trips counters into a DDT on the steps. HHH goes for the hammer, and nails Brock in the head! HHH is fired up now, and is going for a pedigree on the steps, and hits it!!! That’s it, HHH gets the three count!

Winner: Triple H

We see this year’s Hall of Fame: Foley, Stratus, Backlund, Booker T, Trump and the Italian Superman, Bruno Sammartino! Awesome class!!!

This is it, the main event!

WWE Championship

John Cena Vs. The Rock

Cena comes out to a hail of boos. No surprise there, but the man should be respected regardless. Here comes The Rock, this is his year right now. Bell rings, and here goes the final match of the night. Cena strikes first with a headlock, and then a shoulder block to the Rock. Rock strikes with a headlock and shoulder block as well. A lot of back and forth so far. Cena whips Rock to the corner, Rock comes back with a block and mows him down. Big right hands to Cena in the corner, some kicks thrown in as well. Rock hangs Cena’s neck over the apron, drops an elbow. Cena answers back with a clothesline and a choke hold. Match has been at a slow pace, something I expected. Rock puts Cena in a sleeper hold as Cena goes down. Cena picks him up and drops him flat. Cena hits a suplex, two count. Rock explodes with some rights, Cena hits one shoulder block, misses another. Rock blocks Cena bomb, locks in a sharpshooter. Cena breaks out, hits the power bombon Rock. Five knuckle shuffle misses, Rock hits a DDT. Rock readies for a Rock Bottom, counters with a crossface, Rock reverses. Cena hits a slingshot into the corner, and goes for the Five Knuckle again, and hits it. Goes for the AA, Rock hits a spine buster instead. Now, time for the People’s Elbow, countered into the STF!

Rock breaks the hold and hits the Rock Bottom! Two count. Cena hits the AA, another two count. Crowd is silent as they look on. Cena is going up top and misses badly. Spine buster! Rock now hits the People’s Elbow! Two count. Both men trade blows again, the crowds into it now. Rock goes for a cross body, lfited into an AA, Rock counters into a Rock Bottom for a two count. Rock is going for another People’s Elbow, mocks the five knuckle shuffle, and gets hit with an AA! Only a two count. Both men are to their feet, trading blows again. Cena goes for a quick roll up, two count, Cena hits a Rock Bottom! Two count. Cena goes for Five Knuckles, changes it to the People’s Elbow, Rock springs up, Cena catches him with an AA, countered to a Rock Bottom for only a two count! Pace has quickened! Cena goes for another AA, blocked, tries again, blocked, Rock Bottom is blocked, another AA, blocked, Rock finally hits a DDT to end the counterfest. Rock waits for Cena to get to his feet, Rock Bottom blocked, Cena hits an AA and that is it!!!! 1, 2, 3!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

Cena and Rock talk shop in the ring, and hug it out. Rock stands in the ring, like he is saying goodbye to all the fans. Cena meets Rock up the ramp, they salute each other and Cena raises Rock’s hand. We go off the air.


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