Wulfborne #2 Review: Further Down We Go

Wulfborne #2 Review: Further Down We Go

By Nolan P. Smith

I love reviewing second issues. First issues could hit every note I look for, wow me and leave me waiting for the next issue. But the second issue, that’s when we see if a story has legs, that when we see if a book can keep our attention for more than 22 pages or so. So let’s jump into the sophomore issue of Wulfborne from Scout Comics.

In the first issue, we saw the armed warrior Wulfborne journey to the seeming underworld, or a place just as bad, in search of his love, Luna. He came across a being on his way that had been tricked by a witch, and it seemed like Wulfborne was falling down the same path. But hero persisted and went anyway. With this issue, he comes across a duo of sibling demons, and another poor soul tricked by this witch, or angel, or whatever it may be that is calling for Wulfborbe. We get more swordplay action, but the most crucial part for me saw the flashback with Wulfborne and his love, Luna. Done in a snowy, softer style than the rest of the book, we get to put a face and a memory to our heroes reason going down such a dangerous path. But headstrong as he is, we still don’t know if all this is a ruse, or is it really his Luna calling to him?

I am a huge fan of mythology, and this book has a powerful mythological vibe to it. The mysterious hero, the fair warnings, the literal hero’s journey, choice, and consequences, it all has a definite vibe to the mythological stories we see, from Greek to Japanese. For me, this is a massive plus and makes me want to get to the third issue and see what is at the end of the preverbal tunnel. Creator, writer, and artist Brian Middleton is taking down one heck of an epic, and I love every part of it. We got one issue to go, get on board before the journey comes to an end.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

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