Xencelabs Releases Linux Driver for Pen Tablet Family

Xencelabs Releases Linux Driver for Pen Tablet Family

By Staff Reports

Xencelabs Technologies is announcing the availability of its Linux driver, developed for use with the company’s full line of Pen Tablet products. The new driver broadens the compatibility of Xencelabs devices to include all major operating systems commonly used in professional design applications.

The Xencelabs Linux driver offers several advantages compared to competitive offerings, including easier download and installation, easy integration into Linux-based environments and a more intuitive and familiar user experience nearly identical to the company’s Windows and Mac drivers.

“The Xencelabs product line is designed to meet the evolving needs of artists and designers,” said Troy Hodge, software product manager at Xencelabs. “Our development of a full line of device drivers is only one example of how we’ll continually enhance our devices, combining performance and convenience for the best possible drawing experience and most efficient workflow.”

The Xencelabs Linux driver delivers “out-of-the-box” full tablet functionality, combining all key features such as cursor movement, pen pressure, control panel functionality and more. This enhances user convenience compared to other drivers that divide new functionality updates into separate driver downloads.

The driver currently supports all distributions of Linux deriving from Debian (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and more), Redhat (Fedora, CentOS, and more), as well as the openSUSE distribution, installing all required driver components through a single download.

Xencelabs is also giving users the capability for more timely support of new products or product upgrades by updating the Linux drivers available on its own driver download page. This streamlines the process instead of users needing to wait for distributions of Linux to add support for a new product to the operating system.

Key Benefits of the Xencelabs Linux Driver

  • Easily accessible panel for changing tablet, pen and Quick Keys settings and functions.
  • Ability for users to change or disable the pen side switch or Quick Keys buttons to any of the same functions available on Windows and Mac, including mouse clicks, keystrokes, modifiers, tablet functions, navigation functions, applications functions and the eraser.
  • Users can precisely adjust the pen pressure curve including the starting and ending pen pressure to fit their drawing style.
  • Users can adjust tablet mapping to fit their needs, cycling through the different tablet to screen mappings for single or multiple display environments at the touch of a button. 
  • Allows export and import of device preferences. 

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