Thor: The Dark World Villains to be Dark Elves?

I say thee nay! So, the rumor going around since the announcement of the Thor film sequels title, The Dark World, is that the Dark Elves will be the villains for the film. Well, here is some more support to that theory. In an interview with I Review Too, which can be found HERE, stuntman…Read moreRead more

Double Dragon Neon Hits This September

Billy and Jimmy are back! Anyone who is a fan of the classic beat-em-ups knows the Double Dragon series. Countless hours were fed to the series, taking the martial arts brothers on a journey of fists and kicks. Double Dragon Neon, a homage to the classic games, is set to hit stores this September for…Read moreRead more

Breaking Bad Receives 13 Emmy Nominations

Run. AMC’s Breaking Bad made a huge impact on the 2012 Emmy Nominations, receiving 13 nominations! Nominations include for Bryan Cranston for Outstanding Actor, and a showdown between Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Check out the news from AMC below, and check out the article on AMC HERE. This morning the…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Hasbro's G.I. Joe

Yo Joe! Hasbro had some amazing dioramas on display at the con, showing off everyone’s favorite toy soldiers, G.I. Joe. Besides the amazing Transformers/G.I. Joe exclusive Shockwave HISS Tank, most of the products shown were for the upcoming film, G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Even though they looked awesome, the downside is that we won’t see any…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Booth Spotlight-Geek Chic/Mustache Emporium

You can literally find anything at Comic Con. One of the booths we really want to shine some light on was on the far side of the con: Geek Chic/Mustache Emporium. As you walked by, you heard an old timey salesman hawking fake mustaches, and inside were some of the most awesome wood works we…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: The Ladies of SDCC Part 2

Here is another round of pics showing some of the beautiful women of SDCC 2012. Enjoy! (ALL photos by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith-Pastrami Nation)

SDCC 2012: Costumes Around the Convention

You won’t believe the things I’ve seen. Check out some of the most unique, odd, and cool costumes we saw at SDCC! All pictures are by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith-Pastrami Nation. Tony Stark hit rock bottom at the con. Mega Men… Aquaman NEEDS water! An awesome Steampunk lady… A beautiful Ms. Marvel……Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Lord of the Rings Lego 3-D Mural

You have to see it to believe it. During Comic Con, a mural was created featuring the Lord of the Rings characters in Lego form. The mural was done in a 3D look but as a 2D mural. Take a look for yourself at the awesome artwork!

SDCC 2012: From the Nerd Prom Dance Floor

Nerd Prom! It’s a term used by the mainstream media to define the SDCC Masquerade. In reality, it’s not the Masquerade, but the MASSIVE party going on in the Sails Pavilion across the hall from the actual Masquerade event. Pastrami Nation dove right in to heart of Nerd Prom, and this is what we found.

SDCC 2012: Holy Batmobiles, Batman!

A man needs his car. Just outside of the SDCC held a sight to see: every Batmobile, on display for the public. From the Adam West Batman series to Batman Forever to Christopher Nolan’s Bat trilogy, they were all there to see in person. Check out the most iconic car in comics, right here at…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Marvel Legends

Marvel is definitely full of Legends. Hasbro showed off their waves releasing throughout this year and into the next, and the selection is indeed impressive. The third wave will in fact contain The Punisher/Blade Variant, Mystique/Moonstar Variant, Deadpool/Red Variant, Neo Classic Iron Man, Dr. Doom/FF Doom Variant, but no build a figure. Next year is…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Diamond Select Brings Minimates of Street Fighter X Tekken, The Walking Dead, More Marvel Awesomeness

Great things do indeed come in small packages. Diamond Select Toys showed off a diverse group of their popular minimates franchise. A plethora of figures from Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken game, which includes minimates of Sagat and Kuma! Minimates based off of The Walking Dead comic series were shown as well, with characters like…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Bandai/ Blue Fin Impresses with Dragonball Z, Mega Man X and Fatal Fury

Import toys never fail to impress. Bandai/ Blue Fin, who are known for their impressive Dragonball Z, Mega Man X and Godzilla figures, had quite a showing for the con. On display were many new DBZ characters, including Cell, Krillin, Nappa, and more. The Mega Man X collection had two very impressive pieces: Vile’s robot…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: NECA Shows Off Prometheus, Rocky, Gears of War and More

Bringing the big screen to the display case. NECA showed off a number of impressive pieces at SDCC, and all featured the high level of quality we have come to expect from the company. On display were figures based off of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, Rocky, Predator, Rambo, Assassin’s Creed, Gears of War, Borderlands 2 and…Read moreRead more

Anthony Mackie in Talks to Play The Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Let that bitch go first.   Anthony Mackie, known this year for his role in Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter and known to us here at Pastrami Nation as Papa Doc from his role in 8 Mile, is indeed in talks to play The Falcon in Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The Falcon was Marvel’s first…Read moreRead more

Kick Ass 2 Begins Shooting This Fall

The dime store super hero is back. Reports are in that the sequel to the Marvel Comic based not-so-superhero book is going to be shooting this fall, and that all of the principle cast will be reprising their roles. Kick Ass is the story of a young man with no powers at all, and yet…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: The Ladies of SDCC Part 1

The ladies were out in full force at the con of all cons. Take a look at some of the beautiful ladies women walking the exhibit hall, and look for MUCH, much more soon from Pastrami Nation! All pictures are taken by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith-Pastrami Nation.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Premiere is the Most Watched Episode Ever!

Magnets!!! Might as well have been magnets, because the ratings skyrocketed for yesterday’s premiere of the fifth season of Breaking Bad. For the record, it did not disappoint! They are all back: Walt, Jesse, the whole gang is back and it throws the viewers for a loop right from the start, which is of course,…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Eisner Award Winners!

and the Eisner goes to… It’s the biggest awards ceremony of the year for the comic book industry, The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, known better as simply the Eisners. It is the night to honor the best and brightest for the year, and to see who won was an amazing time.To give you a…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Dark Horse Comics-To Hell You Ride!

Dark Horse never fails to amaze me. At SDCC, they announced quite a few projects, one being Millennium star Lance Henriksen’s To Hell You Ride! Check out the press release below, and make sure to visit Dark Horse online for more info by going HERE. #SDCC: DARK HORSE DEBUTS LANCE HENRIKSEN’S TO HELL YOU RIDE!…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Walt Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Trailer!

There’s no place like home. At SDCC, Disney astounded the audience with a trio of films, one being Sam Raimi’s Oz The Great and Powerful. Starring James Franco, the film looks to push the limits of imagination. Check out the trailer below as well as a short description from Disney’s Trailer YouTube Channel. In Theaters…Read moreRead more

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Talks to Play DC Comic's Lobo

Here comes the Main Man!!! When a fan on Twitter asked the great one if the rumors are true of him in negotiations to play DC Comic’s intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo. Here is what The Rock replied: “Rumors of me possibly playing LOBO are true. Joel Silver and Brad Peyton working on it now. That…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: DC Comic's Injustice Adds Nightwing and Cyborg

Here comes a new challenger! I know, wrong game, but still fitting. At SDCC, it was announced that the new DC Comic’s fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us, has added two more characters to the roster. Joining Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Harley Quinn and Solomon Grundy are Nightwing and Cyborg! Not a big surprise…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: AMC'S The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer

The dead aren’t the only thing to fear. Check out the premiere trailer for the third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, which is, of course, based off of the Image Comic by Robert Kirkman. HUGE trailer, with lots of WHOA moments. The Walking Dead returns this October. For more information on the show, check…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Marvel's Upcoming Films-Ant Man, Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2

Marvel is on a roll! At Saturday’s Marvel Films panel, Marvel showed off the titles and release dates for its upcoming films, with a few surprises. The big surprise for us came in the form of the announced Ant Man, which has been in the works forever. To be directed by Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Deadpool, The Video Game!

The Merc with a Mouth gets his own game! At the SDCC, Marvel and Activision announced the new Deadpool game, coming soon!!! The Activision posters of various games were “bombed” with Deadpool posters at every turn on the con floor. Check out the trailer below, and make sure to visit the game’s website at….Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: New Man of Steel Artwork Revealed!

You will believe a man can fly. Take a look at the artwork revealed for next summer’s soon to be blockbuster, Man of Steel. The film opens June 14, 2013!

SDCC 2012: Marvel Announces Guardians of the Galaxy, Talks Sequels and Titles

I knew it was coming. Marvel made it official today at the San Diego Comic Con that their August 2014 film will indeed be the Guardians of the Galaxy. They also revealed the next Captain America and Thor film titles, and even talked a little Ant Man. Here is the word officially from Today…Read moreRead more

SDCC 2012: Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 Announced!

MORTAL KOMBAT! It’s official, we get a new season of the awesome Mortal Kombat Legacy Series! This time, its all about the tournament! Check out the video below! [youtube]

SDCC 2012: Coverage from the Con Floor!

Check out a few quick pictures from the San Diego Comic Con! Check out the signing with the stars from Breaking Bad (Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) smiled and waved for our camera!), Dick Tracey investigating something afoot, a Predator who defeated the Avengers, the merc with a mouth Deadpool guarding the exit, and a zombie…Read moreRead more