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Terry Bogard, the most recognizable fighter in the King of Fighters franchise (well, him and Mai) is coming to life in plastic form, thanks to Bluefun/Tamashii. The D-Arts Terry Bogard is set to hit this December, here is the info from the Bluefin Facebook page:

Terry Bogard, the “Legendary Hungry Wolf” who has pounded his opponents in every release of the popular “King of Fighters” video game series joins the D-Arts action figure line-up in his Fatal Fury truckers cap, red short-sleeved jacket and denim jeans. New action figure articulation technology will enable an unprecedented range of motion and fluidity, effectively creating an action figure capable of re-enacting the most intense fighting scenes with no joystick required! D-Arts Terry Bogard meticulously depicts the character down to his muscle definition as he appears in the 1994 King of Fighters release and features effect parts to portray Terry Bogard’s characteristic power moves: Burning Knuckle, Power Wave, and even the explosive Power Geyser! Figure set also includes hand parts gripping cord and trademark bag, three sets of interchangeable hand parts, and two sets of interchangeable facial expression parts

Don’t know what D-Arts is? You are missing out! D-Arts has tackled some of the most iconic characters in pop culture: Mega Man, Dragonball Z, and more. They feature spot on likenesses, amazing paint apps and the real selling point: articulation! These things have crazy articulation, which makes the posing possibilities endless.

Look for Terry to hit in time for Christmas! For more info on Bluefin/Tamashii, visit their Facebook page HERE.





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