Pastrami Nation Podcast: Zombie Tramp, Avengers Endgame Re Up and More!

By Nolan P. Smith

Pastrami Nation’s Nolan Smith and Jason Smith sit down with Linebreakers David McKean and Denton Heath and talk about Dan Mendoza’s Zombie Tramp, Avengers Endgame’s return to the theater, plus giveaways that end July 5th at 8:00 p.m. PST! Leave a comment to enter!

4 thoughts on “Pastrami Nation Podcast: Zombie Tramp, Avengers Endgame Re Up and More!”

  1. I’ll just use one comment for all my remarks.

    With the whole Fox acquisition finalized, the end credit for Endgame needed to be Deadpool running up to Old Man Steve Rogers in the forest just after his conversation with Sam. He’d be all out of breath, like he just ran a marathon, and say something to the effect of, “Sorry I’m late, hope I didn’t miss much, let’s kick Thanos’ A**!”

    After the whole Firefly conversation, I just lost all sorts of respect for some people in this video (check out my email address.) I wouldn’t say they were THE bad guys. They were, technically, bad guys, but really they were just nobodies in the universe. People who the Empire or Federation wouldn’t have given two craps about. I can definitely understand the hesitation to say Star Wars is better. I love Star Wars, but Firefly just speaks to my soul. I love it so much. If you really do a Firefly vs. episode, I’ll be all over that.

    What?! I don’t collect Zombie Tramp! … I may actually have one or two pre-action lab copies somewhere in my PC.

  2. I love how you take the time to involve the local community. Not to mention how you’re always willing to give back.

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