Ending Soon: Pre-order Czarface ULTIMATES! Wave 2

By Staff Reports With zero regard for human life, the sentient renegade robot Czar Noir has a reputation for sowing chaos and destruction, and lives up to the title “The Dark Czar”! Preorders end April 28th, so lock it in today at super7.com/pastramination Based on Czarface and MF DOOM’s collab album, Super What?, this highly articulated, 7” scale Czarface ULTIMATES! […]

Rat City #1 Review

By Daniel SchwartzReviewer THE PREMISE: Welcome to the newest chapter in the saga of the Hellspawn. Many people thought that Al Simmons’ Necroplasmic Detonation just impacted him, his world, and his time. They were wrong. Far in the future, Special Forces soldier Peter Cairn has just received prosthetic legs after being severely injured during his last mission. Little did he […]


By Staff Reports Nacelle, the company behind the recent revival of Biker Mice from Mars, RoboForce, Sectaurs and The Great Garloo, is excited to announce the first wave of action figures from the newest addition to their popular NacelleVerse lineup, Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa. The first wave of C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa action figures go up for pre-order […]

Action Figure Review: Battletoads Rash

By Jason T. SmithCreative Editor Back in the glorious 90s, when my world revolved around pixelated adventures and Super Nintendo ruled supreme, there was one game that reigned supreme in the hearts of many: Battletoads. Picture this – a sidescrolling frenzy where you, as a trio of radical toads, battled through a whirlwind of enemies to face off against the […]

Feral #1 Review

By Nolan P SmithEditor Image Comics launched a miniseries called Strays a few years ago, which was an instant hit. The cartoon artistic style and the very mature-themed story were the perfect storm for fans, myself included. Now, in 2024, the creators of Strays are back with Feral, a series that focuses on a group of feline friends in Peru. […]

Sanction #1 Review

By Daniel SchwartzReviewer I have to say, I am a sucker for a good comic cover. A great-looking cover can draw in a reader who might not have picked up the book otherwise. That said, the cover of Mad Cave Studios’ Sanction #1 is badass. The threatening-looking figure with an axe and the Soviet star, hammer, and sickle look amazing. […]

4th Annual Therapeutic and Applied Geek and Gaming Summit for Helping Professionals

By Staff Reports The Therapeutic and Applied Geek and Gaming Summit (TAGGS) is thrilled to announce its return for a fourth year, scheduled for April 19-21, 2024. TAGGS 4 invites helping professionals, educators, students, game designers, and content creators to celebrate the intersection of geek culture and therapeutic practices. TAGGS is Geek Therapy’s unique platform for sharing expertise, fostering learning, […]