A Look Back at Loungefly’s Haunted Mansion Mini Backpacks

A Look Back at Loungefly’s Haunted Mansion Mini Backpacks

By Rebecca Smith
Staff Reporter

Loungefly has been creating quality Disney merchandise for years, and their line of Haunted Mansion mini backpacks is no exception. From its first release in 2018 to its latest line in 2022, Loungefly has consistently delivered unique and exciting designs that capture the spirit of the Haunted Mansion attraction.

The original Haunted Mansion mini backpack released in 2018 featured a black and green striped design with embroidered details of the iconic wallpaper found in the attraction. The backpack had a 3D bowtie and bat accents, adding a spooky touch that fans loved. The backpack was made of faux leather material, making it durable and easy to clean. It also had adjustable straps and a front zip pocket, making it practical for a day at the park.

Following the success of their first release, Loungefly continued to release new designs featuring different elements of the Haunted Mansion attraction. In 2019, they released a mini backpack featuring the iconic Haunted Mansion gate and graveyard scene. The backpack had a purple color scheme with silver metallic accents and a tombstone-shaped tag. The bag also had a spacious interior and multiple pockets, making it a practical choice for carrying essentials around the park.

In 2020, Loungefly released a mini backpack featuring the ghostly residents of the Haunted Mansion. The backpack had a black background with a repeating pattern of the Hitchhiking Ghosts and Madame Leota. The bag also had purple accents and a metal plaque featuring the Haunted Mansion logo. This backpack was a hit among fans of the attraction and quickly sold out.

One of the great things about Loungefly’s Haunted Mansion mini backpack line is that each backpack has a unique design that captures different elements of the attraction. Whether you’re a fan of the wallpaper, the ghosts, or the graveyard scene, there is a backpack for you. Additionally, the backpacks are made of high-quality materials and are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Overall, Loungefly’s Haunted Mansion mini backpack line is a must-have for any Disney or Haunted Mansion fan. The backpacks are practical, stylish and capture the spooky essence of the attraction. With new designs being released regularly, adding to your collection and showing off your love for the Haunted Mansion is easy.

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