Bones Coffee Haunted Mansion Box Set Review

By Rebecca Smith Coinciding with the release of Disney’s latest ride-based movie adaptation, Bones Coffee Company unveiled their Haunted Mansion box set, featuring the delightful Brownie from Beyond-Caramel Brownie flavor. As a devoted Haunted Mansion enthusiast, I was brimming with excitement to sample this brand-new coffee offering. The packaging, adorned with captivating artwork from the movie, was so artfully done […]

A Look Back at Loungefly’s Haunted Mansion Mini Backpacks

By Rebecca SmithStaff Reporter Loungefly has been creating quality Disney merchandise for years, and their line of Haunted Mansion mini backpacks is no exception. From its first release in 2018 to its latest line in 2022, Loungefly has consistently delivered unique and exciting designs that capture the spirit of the Haunted Mansion attraction. The original Haunted Mansion mini backpack released […]

Movie Review: “What?”

By Rebecca Smith The question, “What?” is asked by almost everyone. “What am I? What I am supposed to be doing? What is my role in this world?” In his film, Alec Lev calls on John Maucere to reignite the vaudeville type of black-and-white silent movies. Spoilers will be discussed, so tread carefully! Maucere’s character, Don, is an aspiring actor […]

Movie Review: Muppets Haunted Mansion

By Rebecca Benson Families stooped over, carefully eyeing the pumpkins for picking–right off the vine. The cool, crisp air Fall brings stings your cheeks; the cold settling over your skin as you gaze at the surrounding hillsides. And what better way to end the Fall festivities and keep on with the Halloween spirit than to watch Disney’s The Muppets Haunted […]

A Movie Review: Jungle Cruise

By Rebecca Benson and Nolan P Smith Disney is synonymous with fun for all ages. And The Jungle Cruise is just that. We went to the theaters, knowing full well that this would be a “popcorn” movie. Nothing that takes itself too seriously. And it’s Disney. Enough said.  From the beginning, we were entranced, transported back into the Disneyland of […]

A Graphic Novel Review: Remember Andy Xenon?

By Rebecca Benson We all know the saying, Things aren’t always what they seem. And “Remember Andy Xenon?” is no exception. Brought to readers by its creators, “Remember Andy Xenon?” is an action-packed and beautifully pieced-together story. Take the first pages; for example, we find our superhero chasing–make that leaping and bounding–after his foe; that is until time catches up […]

A Graphic Novel Review: Scales & Scoundrels Book 2: The Festival of Life

By Rebecca Benson TKO Studios has offered comic book readers a beautifully crafted continuation of Luvander’s journey. A journey that brings forth danger, heartache, hope, self-discovery, and friendship. Oh, and let’s not leave out dragons! Scales & Scoundrels flows from Book One to Two incredibly well. With much goings-on but I will try my best to recap without giving away […]

Movie Review: A Quiet Place-Part II

By Rebecca Benson I was so excited to learn that there would be a part 2 to the already phenomenal first installment of John Krasinski’s film “A Quiet Place.” I have to admit; I was a little slow to watch the first movie. Choosing instead to catch it in my solitude at home. And let me tell you, I wish […]

Graphic Novel Review: The Down River People

By Rebecca Benson Heartache, grief, and the macabre arise from the depths in this Southern “tale of woe.” From the creative team of Writer Adam Smith and Artist Matthew Fox and Letterer Mike Fiorentino, Archaia introduces us to “Down River People.” Still reeling from an unfortunate turn of events, Myers takes up the burden to keep his family legacy by […]

Pantomime TPB Hits Stores April 28th!

By Rebecca Benson Transcript of video: Hello! My name is Rebecca from Pastrami Nation. I want to let you know about Mad Cave Studios’ new collection: Pantomime–Issues #1-6. It is all included in their new trade paperback. I’m so excited! It’s a good read; fascinating! We follow the characters Haley and Max during school, troubles, and rough living situations. Will […]

A Novel Review: Denied

By Rebecca Benson A straightforward detective–private investigator–story! “Denied” by Mary Keliikoa, engages readers into the mysterious drama surrounding a missing person’s case. A case that leads our main character, Kelly Pruett, into the world of gambling and cover-up. But just who is behind it all? Kelly must discover who is the enemy or an ally.  “Denied” is the second installment […]

A Novel Review: The Sanatorium

By Rebecca Benson  Pursuing the new releases displayed, “The Sanatorium”‘ cover art caught my eye. Sarah Pearse’s spellbinder vacations readers in the Swiss mountains. Le Sommet is a newly refurbished hotel, eagerly awaiting its guests. Elin Warner is one of them. She is a detective on leave whose brother is celebrating his engagement. And Le Sommet is the grand and […]

Present Danger: A Novel Review

By Rebecca Benson My current novel I was excited to read was “Present Danger” by Elizabeth Goddard. This has a lot to do with the mixture of different government agencies, nature, and faith. The perfect trifecta. And it is an exciting read! Sheriff Jack Tanner and US Forest Service Special Agent Terra Connors once found themselves in love; however, life […]

A Distant Shore: A Novel Review

By Rebecca Benson Coming up in late spring is Karen Kingbury’s–a beloved author’s–newest novel: “A Distant Shore.” I’ve read many a Kingsbury book and am exceptionally excited to enjoy this one. And share to share it with all of you! Teenaged Jack Ryder’s family vacation in Belize was the norm: surf, sand, and sun. But when Jack sees a young […]

Comic Book Review: Origins #5

By Rebecca Benson What once started as a casual read has turned into the need for more. BOOM! Studios will soon release their newest issue in the “Origins” series! Which I am super excited for, by the way. With only two left in the series, I strongly encourage you to catch up on your “Origins” reading. If you’ve been reading […]

Unknown Threat: A Novel Review

By Rebecca Benson “Unknown Threat, by Lynne H. Blackburn, starts us off on an adventure as US Secret Service Luke Powell starts his day just like any other day. However, he finds his life and the life of his fellow friend and agent are at risk. Bombs, explosions, and a rogue attempts to end his life short. The Secret Service […]

The Wrong Side: A Novel Review

By Rebecca Benson Robert Bailey’s latest novel in the “Bocephus Haynes” series, “The Wrong Side,” follows the story of Pulaski’s rising high school football star: Odell Champagne. Odell is accused of murdering Brittany Crutcher, his girlfriend. However, she is a local legend–an upcoming and singer on a fast track to success. Set in the Deep South, “The Wrong Side” also […]

Lifestyle Review: Fitbit Sense

By Rebecca Benson I was excited when I stumbled upon Fitbit’s latest gadget, an upgraded Versa model if you will. Years prior, I had bought myself the Versa Lite, so of course, I immediately put it on my wishlist. And thanks to my fiance’s generosity, my wish was granted.  Fitness world, meet the FibBit Sense. This newer fitness watch boasts […]

Comic Book Review: Pantomime #4

By Rebecca Benson Pantomime #4 from Mad Cave Studios is out now! And what great timing as I was wondering how our team’s saga was going to play out–and yes, pun intended. What seems like an ordinary move-out day for our now college-age group of criminal friends and family has morphed into an unforeseen circumstance. No, things aren’t always what […]

Novel Review: The Summer of Lost and Found

By Rebecca Benson Very recent events are chronicled in Mary Alice Monroe’s latest installment of the Beach House Saga, “The Summer of Lost and Found.” This particular novel continues the legacy of the Rutledge family, in which the family tree is deeply rooted in Charleston, South Carolina. Our story, however, takes place on the Isle of Palms. With the onset […]

Comic Book Review: Origins #4

By Rebecca Benson BOOM! Studios continues the post-apocalyptic search for truth and humankind’s legacy in “Origins” #4. Chloe and Cliff have undertaken the responsibility to care for David. The human life they found so long ago. However, “Origins” dives into the complexities of the creator and the created. This saga also dissects the mysteries of robots and humanity. The difference? […]

Novel Review: False Light

By Rebecca Benson “False Light,” written by Eric Dezenhall, follows Sandy “Fuse” Petty on a nerve-wracking quest. A pursuit of revenge that is. With a friend of the family being wronged, Fuse believes it to be his only objective to right this wrong. However, Fuse’s scheme comes at a tumultuous time in his life. Sandy is in the midst of […]

Novel Review: The Shadow Eaters

By Rebecca Benson I am excited to share my first novel review for Pastrami Nation! First-ever, actually! Without any further ado, let’s get started!  The novel featured today is entitled “The Shadow Eaters,” written by Christine Taylor. It is the third installment of her “Grace from Darkness” series. The journey begins in the 1920s, in the Tennessean countryside. Our female […]

Comic Book Review: Deep Beyond #1

By Rebecca Benson This much-anticipated series, Deep Beyond, from Image Comics, will be hitting comic bookshelves soon Our story opens with the leader of a futuristic mission being under attack. This mission takes place in the depths of the deep of the North Atlantic. Observable is the effect of the attack. An unknown agent has caused maladies. Not to mention, […]

Comic Book Review: They Fell From the Sky #1

By Rebecca Benson New from Mad Cave Studios this winter is They Fell From the Sky. Readers are transported into a new journey, a space journey, that is! Tommy seems to be your average teenager. He’s got his routine of balancing school life, helping his family at their farm, bickering with his older sister, and doing what he loves best: […]

Comic Book Review: Pantomime #2

By Rebecca Benson The gang of friends have gotten themselves into some serious trouble with the second issue of Mad Cave Studios’ Pantomime. They got into the dilemma together, and they will have to get out of it together.  In this issue, we see Haley and Max et al enter into their own hell. They now know to what extent […]