Comic Book Review: Origins #4

Comic Book Review: Origins #4

By Rebecca Benson

BOOM! Studios continues the post-apocalyptic search for truth and humankind’s legacy in “Origins” #4.

Chloe and Cliff have undertaken the responsibility to care for David. The human life they found so long ago. However, “Origins” dives into the complexities of the creator and the created. This saga also dissects the mysteries of robots and humanity. The difference? Emotions. The one thing that vastly separates both entities. And “Origins” weaves it all together extremely well.

The creative team, composed of Creators Arash Amel, Lee Krieger, and Joseph Oxford; the script by Clay McLeod Chapman; Artist Jakub Rebelka; Colorist Patricio Delpeche; Letterer Jim Campbell have continued to produce a wonderful showpiece. They have been able to captivate their readers fully. The storytelling is phenomenal, and the artwork! I’ve said this before: I absolutely love it when there is a balance of dialogue, narration, and art only panels. I very much felt as if I were there with our trio: looking for answers, fighting the good fight, and watching the world around me go up in explosions. “Origins” truly does not disappoint. 

The running theme throughout this issue is hope. The first issue introduced us to the motif, but in this issue, it is abundantly clear, adding dimension and layer to the story. As mentioned earlier, even the robots that help Chloe along the way can’t help but feel hope. They strive to do whatever it takes for their world to be free of the “network”–when all hope rests upon the success of David’s life. And for all you literary readers out there, do not miss the direct quotes from Herman Melville. The allusions and allegories to his most famous work, “Moby Dick” are so aptly depicted; it is what sets “Origins” apart! 

If you haven’t done so already, please catch yourself up and enjoy this series! Be sure to snag your copy of Issue #4!

Rating: FOUR Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

Pastrami Nations

Rebecca Benson currently resides in the mountains of California. A mother of one daughter, she has a love for pop culture, with a knack for Disney, Harry Potter, and is currently an educator for the hearing impaired. An avid reader, she jumped deeper into the world of comic books in 2020, with her interest piqued in the independent scene.

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