Lifestyle Review: Fitbit Sense

Lifestyle Review: Fitbit Sense

By Rebecca Benson

I was excited when I stumbled upon Fitbit’s latest gadget, an upgraded Versa model if you will. Years prior, I had bought myself the Versa Lite, so of course, I immediately put it on my wishlist. And thanks to my fiance’s generosity, my wish was granted. 

Fitness world, meet the FibBit Sense. This newer fitness watch boasts all the Versa’s cool features: voice assist, automatic workout detection, altimeter, etc. What separates the Sense from the rest is that it now offers a skin temperature reading. It also interprets data for stress management. Now wearers can take a breather for two minutes as your watch scans the palm of your hand for any stress triggers. Also available is the heart rate variability monitoring. On the Fitbit app, users can view trends and fluctuations in resting heart rates, its variabilities, and the like. I must insert caution here: with temperature, heart, stress readings, and all that good stuff, please seek professional care. It is informative only and should not be used as medical diagnoses nor treatment.  

Product laydown photography for Fitbit Sense. Photos:

The top feature for me is the voice assist texting, calling, and voice commands. It is the perfect combination of a smartwatch and a fitness watch. (Even though I sometimes joke about it being my “Dick Tracy” watch.) It is the perfect competition to other smartwatches in the industry, without naming names. No longer does one have to decide between the two. The Sense makes sense!

The Sense can be picked up at your favorite shopping site (either on-site or online): Best Buy, Amazon, Fitbit’s website–you get the picture. Good luck on your better health journey!


Rating: FOUR Pastrami Nations out FIVE

Pastrami Nations

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