Xencelabs Redraws the Rules on Digital  Tablets for Creative Professionals

Xencelabs Redraws the Rules on Digital Tablets for Creative Professionals

By Staff Reports

Creative professionals have constantly had limited choices when it comes to digital design tools. Xencelabs Technologies is changing the market landscape, delivering new design technologies customized to the specific needs of digital artists and designers.

The new company was founded by a group of experienced creative design professionals with a shared passion for designing a new class of digital drawing tools. Xencelabs (pronounced “sense”) merges the ideas of human senses, innovation and a “laboratory” approach to experimentation and progressive product development.

Recognizing the need for digital design tools that support the way artists and designers really work, Xencelabs is launching with its new Pen Tablet ready for the market. This product was developed in collaboration with creative communities, including photographers, illustrators, motion picture, TV and production artists, to name a few, to closely match the traditional hand-drawing experience. The result is a digital tablet alternative ensuring the optimal mix of comfort, customization, ergonomics, intuitive use and compatibility with different devices and operating systems.

“Our Pen Tablet prioritizes a faster and more efficient creative workflow with a satisfying, natural drawing experience,” said Michael Thompson, Head of Professional Product at Xencelabs. “This product aims to address common nuances to help enhance the work of creative professionals daily.”

Xencelabs products are available in different configurations: Pen Tablet Medium and the Pen Tablet Medium Bundle with a Quick Keys™ remote option. The Quick Keys™ enables artists to incorporate shortcut keys into their regular workflow through an easy-to-use interface. Both product configurations come with two different sized pens. Additionally, a range of accessories are available for purchase separately. 

Designed for the Best Digital Design Experience

The quality of the experience begins where the pen meets the tablet surface. The new Xencelabs tablet offers a clean and minimalist design without unnecessary keys, enabling users to fully benefit from its 16:9 native aspect ratio. With only 8mm thickness, it features a seamless and gently curved palm rest for comfort. The tablet can be used wirelessly or with a USB cable. 

To meet a range of artistic preferences, the Xencelabs device is the only pen tablet that comes with two battery-free pens of different diameters. The thin pen has two buttons while the three-button pen accommodates for artists doing 3D work. Both pens come with an eraser, 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, 3 gram initial activation force, tilt recognition and virtually no lag.

The Keys to Success

The Xencelabs team understands every artist works differently. The Quick Keys™ is an optional remote accessory to the Xencelabs device and offers five sets of eight keys – for a total of 40 customizable shortcuts per application. This is particularly useful to make logical key groupings for specific steps in a workflow. The OLED display on the Quick Keys™ shows the assignment of each key and can be used in a portrait or landscape mode.

For environments where physical security is important, the tablet and the Quick Keys™ remote feature a Kensington NANO Lock Slot®. 

Exceptional Value 

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet includes as standard all the essential accessories including, the medium sized tablet, pen case with 2 pens, 10 extra nibs and nib extractor, a USB C adaptor, USB dongle and cable, a drawing glove and an all-in-one carrying sleeve.

The bundle version includes the Quick Keys™ remote. 

The standard Pen Tablet Medium is available now at $279.99 and the bundle at $359.99 from authorized resellers and at the Xencelabs estore –

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