Pantomime TPB Hits Stores April 28th!

Pantomime TPB Hits Stores April 28th!

By Rebecca Benson

Transcript of video: Hello! My name is Rebecca from Pastrami Nation. I want to let you know about Mad Cave Studios’ new collection: Pantomime–Issues #1-6. It is all included in their new trade paperback. I’m so excited! It’s a good read; fascinating! We follow the characters Haley and Max during school, troubles, and rough living situations. Will they be able to survive the Boss’s jobs? What will happen? The story is about a group of deaf friends! (Which is why I’m signing this today). Just wanted to let you know! Go to your local [comic] shop and buy it! Read it! Enjoy it! You won’t be disappointed! Have a good day and I will see you soon at the local [comic] shop! See ya!

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