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Action Figure Review: Lord of the Rings Legolas

Action Figure Review: Lord of the Rings Legolas

By Nolan P Smith

It’s one of the most epic franchises to grace the silver screen and the written word: J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Thanks to Diamond Select Toys, the series gets a new 7 inch series of figures, complete with a build a figure. For this review, I take a look at the best archer in the series: Legolas.

The figure comes in the new Diamond Select packaging and comes with three arrows, a bow, and two pieces for the build a figure, the villain of the series- Sauron. The figure has a striking resemblance to Orlando Bloom; it is spot on. The sculpting is well done and detailed, from the clothes to the sheath and quiver. This figure is an outstanding step up from the previous Toy Biz versions.

The articulation is pretty great, given the hindrance to his sculpted clothing. My main gripe on the articulation is he can’t really aim his bow and air, but otherwise, I am really pleased with it. The articulation is sturdy and works great for the most part. Another main gripe would be that the figure had a great sheath but no sword to fit into it.

This is an outstanding figure and a great start to the line. I am very impressed with Legolas, and I look forward to adding more of the fellowship to my collection! Maybe a line dedicated to The Hobbit isn’t far behind?

Rating: FOUR Pastrami Nations out of Five

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