A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #7 Review- Clowning Around

A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #7 Review- Clowning Around

aa_007_cover-b_robertsonValiant’s Unlikely Duo Bring the Weirdness with Part 2 of “Next Stop: Clowntown”

By Nolan P. Smith

The Valiant Universe cranks out some of the most diverse stories: many which focus on the three immortal brothers. From the dark, brooding of the Eternal Warrior, the time hopping immortal adventures with Ivar, Timewalker, then we get the brash, comedic hijinks of Armstrong with his right hand man, the gullible but deadly Archer. With this issue, we get the second part of the “Next Stop: Clowntown” arc, and with that, we get brawls, mystery and a talking bear.

From writer Rafer Roberts and artist Mike Norton, this second issue is jam-packed with entertainment. The not so dynamic duo of Archer and Armstrong are on a journey to find Armstrong’s long forgotten wife, but end up at a sideshow circus on the way. But there’s something afoot here, as many of the performers share a striking similarity to Armstrong. We start the issue with a brawl and end it the same way, which is always a great way for a comic to read.

Roberts run on this title has been superb, as he doesn’t miss a beat with this issue. The dynamic between the two heroes is something not seeing anywhere else in the comic community, and has me coming back each and every month. I am loving the addition of Norton for the artwork, as his style is the perfect fit for this crazy, off the wall book.

This is a fun issue, and leads into finally finding out just why all these clones look like Armstrong, and why they exist to begin with. Oh, and maybe why that scientist bear can talk and, well, be a scientist. I’m on board for Clowntown, and wherever else this creative team takes my favorite Valiant book in the future.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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