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Action Figure Review: 80s Commanders- Version 80s Set

Action Figure Review: 80s Commanders- Version 80s Set

By Nolan P Smith


Centurions was one of the coolest cartoons and toy lines when I was a kid. I remember having the Max Ray action figure, but being a young kid, that was too hard of a name to remember, so I called him “Power Guy.” He towered over my other action figures and had holes for weapons and armor to snap into (I lost all the armor almost instantly). So when new action figure purveyor Ramen Toy burst on the scene with their 80s Commanders line, an ode to the Centurions, I was more than excited. Their first wave had more muted, realistic colors for the armor deco, which looked good, but it wasn’t the crazy colors I remember. Then they announced their recolored Versions 80s Set, and I had to give it a shot.

This is my first ever figure from Ramen Toy, but I doubt it will be my last. The set comes in a beautiful box, and the figures are impressive. This modern line of 80s Commanders clocks in at the 1/12 scale, smaller than the Centurions of old. The 1/12 scale is my favorite scale for action figures, so I am pleased they went this route. Each of the Commanders comes loaded with accessories that snap into the holes in their armor, as well as three sets of extra hands for each Commander. The helmets snap around the head and look terrific- I wasn’t too sure as I thought maybe a second, helmeted head sculpt would be better, but these look fantastic and are easy to equip.

My favorite of these has to be the Naval Commander, of course. With his bright green suit and awesome ‘stache, he stands out big time. I also like the Air Force and Armor Commander- the old-school paint apps work wonders on this terrific sculpt. For anyone wondering- these do not feel like third-party figures- these feel like the real deal because they are. Highly articulated, masterfully painted, and armed with excellent Retro weapons and armor, I can honestly say these blew away any expectations I had. The armor all snaps in perfectly and looks fantastic. Whether land, sea, or air, these 80s Commanders bring it.

Ramen Toy is a company you should check out and keep an eye on. Right now, this set sits in my top five of 2022 action figures, and honestly, it’s going to be hard to surpass this blast from the past.

Rating: FIVE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

Pastrami Nations five

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      Great review buddy these are awesome I can’t wait to get a set myself one day it’ll be a minute but I plan on getting them they were very big in my childhood Max Ray Ace McLeod and Jake Rockwell fighting against Terror and hacker huge part of my childhood

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