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Action Figure Review: Action Force Trigger

Action Figure Review: Action Force Trigger

By Nolan P Smith 


The Valaverse action keeps coming with one of the most sought-after figures in Action Force wave 2. Of course. I’m talking about Trigger, the bearded, backward hat-wearing specialist. This is an outstanding figure, decked out and ready for battle. 

Thanks again to Valaverse for the opportunity to check out this fantastic figure. Trigger gives me a mix of Rock and Roll and a Dreadnok, which is fantastic. The sculpt and detail on this six-inch figure are excellent, with the harness and holsters not hindering the articulation whatsoever. This figure has seven hands to swap out, a tactical chest rig, a headset, a pistol, and a machine gun. Most Action Force figures come with a stand as well, but mine was missing, oddly enough. 


Articulation is the same excellent standards Action Force is now known for, so there are no complaints on that front. You can get some killer photos with this figure due to its fantastic articulation. The joints are now nice and sturdy, yet they move with ease. 


The design of Trigger is fantastic. Rough and grizzled, the head sculpt is impressive and unique, and the paint palette used here is incredible. I love the harness; the weapons look terrific and are extremely detailed. Valaverse knows how to do impressive military figures, and Trigger is a shining example. 

Fun Factor

My only complaint is how the earphones don’t fit very well and look oddly out of place when on his head. Otherwise, this is an absolutely fantastic figure and is extremely fun to pose and photograph. I had a blast reviewing this figure and trying different shots and lighting to highlight the fantastic details. 

Trigger has a unique look, which makes this ideal for any 1/12 scale collector. It’s a fantastic figure and is available HERE

Rating: 4.5 Pastrami Nations out of FIVE. 

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