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Action Figure Review: Damtoys Death Gas Station- Iron Head Tony

Action Figure Review: Damtoys Death Gas Station- Iron Head Tony

By Nolan P. Smith

I love checking out different toy companies, and with this release, I had to give it a shot. Coal Dog x Damtoys presents Death Gas Station- Iron Head Tony, and wow, what a figure. 

This 1:12 scale figure has high quality, soft goods clothes and an amazing sculpt and set of accessories. I have tried out other 1:12 scale figures in the past (Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series, Mezco One 12 Collective), and this ranks up there with one of the best. So much attention has gone into this metal-headed figure. From the way the mouth moves to the wallet with the chain, this figure packs a wallop. It is so much fun, and with the word bubbles, it brings even more to the figure. 

The articulation works extremely well. I wish there were a turnable waist for the figure, but that is the only thing I see missing. I love the helmet he comes with, the steak, the weapons- it is refreshing to see so many accessories packed in with this release. The clothes are all exceptionally well done and tailored, giving the figure a very distinct vibe. 

I didn’t know what to expect with this figure, but what I got was a fantastic piece to my collection. I don’t know much of the character’s storyline or concept; I just know it’s a terrific figure. If you are a 1:12 collector, this will fit in extremely well with your Mezco One: 12 Collective figures and add some personality to any collection. 

Rating: 4.5 Pastrami Nations out of 5.

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