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Action Figure Review: Eagle Force Warhol

Action Figure Review: Eagle Force Warhol

By Nolan P. Smith


I was blown away when Eagle Force came roaring back as a 1/18th scale lineup from Fresh Monkey Fiction. I supported the Kickstarter and have been amazed ever since. For today’s review, I look at one of the most fun figures to come out of the line so far: the Tactical Mission Ninja Trooper Warhol. 

So, TMNT Warhol pays homage to everyone’s favorite heroes in a half-shell. The nunchuk-wielding hero comes with two heads (one full mask, one ski mask style), multiple sets of hands, and the nunchuk mentioned above with a real chain and a gun. This is such a clever idea for Fresh Monkey Fiction: to pay tribute to the massive pop culture icons such as TMNT with their excellent military figures is genius. 


Eagle Force figures are known for their fantastic articulation in a 3.75-inch figure. Packing over 14 points of articulation, Warhol is like a G.I. Joe figure you always wanted as a kid. You can get so many poses with this figure. I found myself enthralled with posing him in many different ways and lighting- Warhol is a very photogenic figure.


The paint apps are spot-on and precise, making the character pop. I love the homage to TMNT- the design is such a great concept. Eagle Force is excellent at taking pre-existing pieces, like the vest, and turning them into a brand-new works of art. I love the attention to detail on sculpting- from both heads to the wrinkles in the clothing, the details make the piece stand out leaps and bounds in the 1/18th scale field. 

Fun Factor

This figure is off the charts in the fun factor, and how can it not be? It’s a military figure with turtle-inspired garb. The real chain nunchuk adds to the fun factor tremendously as well. I can’t wait to see the other pop culture-inspired figures (Charlie Brown comes to mind first), as the execution of these is nothing short of amazing. 

I love the design of the character. The perfectly named Warhol reuses parts from previous releases perfectly, creating a brand new character ready to fight the good fight. Fresh Monkey Fiction again gives us what we need for our 1/18th scale military fix. Be sure to visit them online at

Rating: FIVE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE 

Pastrami Nations five

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