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Action Figure Review: Joy Toy’s Hardcore Coldplay Blue Falcon

Action Figure Review: Joy Toy’s Hardcore Coldplay Blue Falcon

By Jason T. Smith

Creative Editor

Are you looking to up your Joe game? Then the Hardcore Coldplay Blue Falcon- U.S. Army Airborne Division by Joytoy is just what your 1:18 scale army needed. Modeled after the U.S. Army Airborne Division, this little guy is what we’d have if G.I. Joes had a Masterpiece version.  

Joytoy, the company behind these excellent figures, has given us some premium small-scale soldiers with some of the best accessories I’ve seen, and the Blue Falcon is no exception. Our good friend David McKean over at Linebreakers was kind enough to supply us with this little guy to review, and what a fun time it’s been doing that.

The figure itself has all the articulation you’d find on a G.I. Joe or Star Wars, but more fine-tuned. And did I mention accessories galore! He has multiple hands for the many weapons included and an alternate helmeted head, which is not even the best part. This guy has removable armor for his arms, legs, and chest. How cool is that? 

I like this figure… A lot. My only gripes are that it does slightly hinder the articulation when fully armored, and I wish he included a figure stand of some sort. But that’s small potatoes when you consider the amount of gear he comes with.

I definitely see more of these guys in my future, and so should you. Whether you are a G.I. Joe collector or just appreciate a good quality military figure with oodles of accessories, these guys are a must. You won’t regret it. With the selection readily available at Linebreakers, what are you waiting for? 

Blue Falcon is available at Linebreakers HERE.

Pastrami Nations

Rating: 4.5 Pastrami Nations out of 5.

This review is powered by Linebreakers, the High Desert’s best comic book and gaming store. Be sure to visit them online at Want to check out more of the Joy Toy selection from Linebreakers? Click HERE for more!

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