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Action Figure Review: My Hero Academia- Stain

Action Figure Review: My Hero Academia- Stain

By Nolan P. Smith


My Hero Academia is one of my favorite modern anime and manga series. The stories of heroes and villains both with powers (quirk), some veterans and some just learning the ropes, will pull you in. One of my favorite villains to pop in the anime has to be the gangly, diabolical hero killer- Stain.

Since McFarlane Toys has got the license to My Hero Academia, we have seen some fantastic figures. With this latest series, which includes Tenya and Bakugo, the bar has been raised when it comes to overall quality. Stain comes complete with his sword as well as non-removable blades molded on to his midsection. The crazy scarf that dangles from his neck is a soft goods, non-removable accessory but looks terrific. 

The detail is impressive. From the crazed eyes to the unruly hair, to the massive boots, this figure feels like he jumped out of the anime. The articulation here is top-notch as well, with what has become standard fare for the new McFarlane figure: in other words, a fantastic amount of articulation. The paint apps, which were a little sloppy with series 1, are precise and vibrant. I can only hope we see All Might get a second version one day with this attention to detail.

I was blown away when I first saw the figure. But to pose it and see it in person is the only way to appreciate the level of awesomeness McFarlane Toys has risen to. Stain is a fantastic figure with not a whole lot to be desired. My only suggestion would be to add all those extra blades as removable, but you get an amazing product for a $20 figure. Stain is one of the best action figures of 2020, in my opinion.

Rating: FIVE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

Pastrami Nations five

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